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Foreign Teachers' Club Theme Activity Successfully Held

The spring breeze is gradually warming up, and the fragrant flowers bloom first.

The willow buds and spring flowers in the Beijing Botanical Garden are blooming, showing the poetic and tenderness of the most beautiful April sky in the world.

On April 16, foreign teachers and foreign affairs secretaries from 15 faculties went to the Beijing Botanical Garden Shengri to search for fragrance, enjoy a date with the spring, and revel in the spring light.

Peking University-china

Peking University-china


Walking into the garden, the blooming mountain peaches contrast with the rushing streams and the green mountains in the distance, just like the fairyland of Taoyuan. Begonia condensed and spit out beautiful, neon clothes pieces, jade pavilions, tulips, cloves, tassels and other thousands of flowers bloom in the wind, the spring stamens are blooming, and the fragrance mist is empty.


Facing the spring scenery in the garden, it was like a middle of a painting. Chinese and foreign teachers stopped and watched all the way, took pictures together, full of laughter and laughter. At the Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall, everyone visited the exhibition of related materials about Cao Xueqin and the Dream of Red Mansions, listened to the introduction of the life of Cao Xueqin and his famous novel "Dream of Red Mansions" by the students of the Foreign Experts Center, and visited the "Smoke Willows on the River Wall" and "Suluomen Alley" , "Zhu Lei Mao Si", "Chai Fei Night Smoke" and other attractions.


The foreign experts also selected envelopes and stamps with portraits of Cao Xueqin, Pu Songling, and Dream of Red Mansions in the gift shop, and planned to write a good letter to their relatives and friends far abroad, so that they could experience Chinese culture and wish them spring blessings.

Peking University-china

Peking University-china


After visiting the park, graduate students Dai Beichen and Niu Jianhua from the Department of Physical Education and Research led Chinese and foreign teachers and students to carry out group building sports games such as "Sit up", "Human chair", and "Link acceleration".


Everyone relaxed in the interactive games. Body and mind, enhance friendship. Christoph Mark Baerligea, a German foreign specialist at the International Center for Mathematics, expressed his gratitude to the school for organizing this pleasant and unforgettable outdoor activity for them and expanding the circle of friends.


Arthur Schipper, a Dutch foreign expert in philosophy, and his wife AMI MARIE POWLES said that although they have just arrived in Beijing for more than six months, they are full of hope and expectation for a new life in Peking University and China, and look forward to showing their relatives and friends their life in China with a brush. 

Peking University-china


In order to allow foreign teachers to integrate into the work and life of Peking University faster and better, the Foreign Teachers Club of the International Cooperation Department regularly organizes cultural experience activities with different themes.


During the event, Chinese and foreign teachers had zero-distance interaction and exchanges, which enhanced mutual understanding and made the foreign specialists feel the warm care of the school family. The themed activity "I have a date with spring" ended successfully in everyone's intoxication.

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