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Use of the library

The Peking University Library is the largest library among Asian universities, and currently has a collection of more than 7 million books. The library is open to international students, and you can borrow books and documents from the library with your campus card.

Students must bring their campus cards to enter the library and consciously accept the inspection of the staff. If you have any questions in the process of borrowing books or using the library, you can ask the library staff for help at any time.

Borrowing books in the library can only be borrowed for one month. After the expiration, you need to go through the renewal procedures. You can renew the loan at the library counter or through the library website:

renew. If it is not returned after the expiration date, the library will impose corresponding penalties according to the severity of the circumstances.

Each department generally has an internal library (room), and you can consult your department about the use of internal books.

After logging in on the library's website, you can complete multiple operations such as making an appointment, renewing, and querying the borrowing status. You need "student ID" and "login password" when logging in. The login password is the same as the password on the portal website of your school. If you have any questions during use, you can also ask the library administrators online.

To use the library, advanced students and research scholars need to take the campus card to the library card office to apply and pay a deposit as required. When leaving school, go to the library card office to go through the procedures for refunding the deposit with the "School Leaving Procedure Sheet".

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