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On September 6th, the Peking University campus welcomes the freshmen of 2021 foreign students. They will step into the academic palace in their hearts and usher in the dream journey of Yanyuan.


In the fall of 2021, a total of 1,304 foreign students will be admitted to the main department of our school. Among them, 374 are undergraduates, 421 are postgraduates, 83 are doctoral candidates, 303 are general scholars, 21 are advanced scholars, and 102 are preparatory students. South Korea, Malaysia, and the United States rank the top three in the number of new students. The School of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Guanghua School of Management, School of International Relations, Yenching Academy, School of South-South Cooperation and Development, School of Government and Management, and School of Law have become the most popular departments for foreign students in 2021. The Shenzhen Graduate School has admitted 124 new students, and the Department of Medicine has admitted 113 new students. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, most of the new foreign students abroad this year were unable to register at the school, and could only register online. About 280 foreign students were able to register offline.

President Hao Ping cordially received the new students

President Hao Ping cordially received the new students


At 9 o'clock in the morning, Principal Hao Ping and his entourage came to the New Sun Student Center to learn about the orientation of international students. Principal Hao Ping first had a cordial conversation with the volunteer students at the orientation service site, and learned about the meticulous preparations made by the volunteers for the orientation work. Afterward, President Hao conducted in-depth communication with representatives of international students from all corners of the world, and asked the students one by one about the country, major, and student category they came from. Cherish time, study hard, and wish everyone a smooth new semester. Finally, the students and Principal Hao and his entourage took a group photo in the lobby on the first floor of the New Sun. Everyone waved and smiled and expressed their gratitude to the school leaders for their care and love for the first time in the new semester.


Principal Hao and his entourage took a group photo with representatives of international students and welcome volunteers

Principal Hao and international students and welcome volunteers


The epidemic did not affect the students' enthusiasm and vision for the new semester, nor did it hinder Yanyuan's welcome and concern for the students. In the face of the epidemic, Peking University has actively responded by innovating the new orientation model for foreign students. Through the simultaneous promotion of “online and offline” the “full path, full link, all-round” orientation method, not only provides sufficient registration guidance, but also arranges rich arrangements. The online and offline enrollment orienteering activities, including freshman training camps for international students, special course packages and disciplines, different aspects of electronic resources, and rich and colorful educational content, help students quickly adapt to the study and life of Peking University, and integrate into the "study in Peking University" as soon as possible. family.

Overview of the contents of some online orientation packages


The online orientation work uses the online registration system and the mobile phone "Study Abroad Assistant" application to quickly help overseas students submit registration materials in a timely manner, improve personal information, and process visa applications. At the other end of the network, staff members review student registration materials online and provide timely feedback on the review results. In addition, students can also go through a series of procedures for freshmen's arrival, such as insurance purchase and tuition payment, through the online system. Through the network means, overcoming geographical barriers, it greatly facilitates the registration of new international students who "study in the cloud" all over the world, and prepares them for the smooth entrance of the "cloud".

"Study in Peking University" assistant APP interface


The offline welcome session is both convenient, fast and warm and thoughtful. The International Students Office set up a volunteer consultation desk at the entrance of the New Sun Center. Undergraduate students Sunny (SUNNY, MD MAHEDI HASSAN) from Yuanpei College from Bangladesh and DONGLONA ADAWA, THOMAS, a doctoral student from the School of International Relations in Chad, serve as the deans of foreign students. Waiting early at the door to answer questions for the new students who came to report. There is a dedicated offline registration office on the third floor of the New Sun Center. Volunteers assist teachers to help offline international students register. It is also specially set up as an area for international students to apply for visas, insurance and tuition payment procedures. The students arranged indoor and outdoor lounges. After completing a registration and related business, freshmen students can return to the lobby on the first floor, where they can pick up exclusive clothing for the freshmen training camp and freshmen’s life guidebook, and go through the accommodation procedures.

Offline check-in site


Volunteers patiently guide new students to register

Freshmen receive training camp materials




Insurance purchase


Visa Application


The three-dimensional exhibition frame photo zone that attracts the freshmen of international students is the most attractive. "From the world to Peking University, from here to China" is a good expectation for all the freshmen of international students now and in the future; "Knowing you with the Junyuan, you don’t know the depth of the sea". This is the best wishes from the “big family” studying abroad at Peking University to the online and offline international students forging a profound friendship through Yanyuan’s life. There are also creative hand-raising plaques and well-designed KT boards for the departments. New students and new students from abroad have left a unique memory of Yanyuan’s opening.

Students have a happy group photo with hand-raising cards that are well-designed


Freshmen look forward to wearing Peking University cultural shirts


Now let us walk up to several new members of the "Swallow Garden Family" and see their first day as "Mengxin".

Pakistani twins Lin Feng (AFRIDI, WAQAR HUSSAIN) and Ruihan (AFRIDI, RAHDAR HUSSAIN) are new PhD students in mechanics of the School of Engineering this year. The two said that Peking University is far better than they thought. Peking University's first-class faculty, high-end research equipment and cutting-edge research level deeply attracted them. What's more special is that Peking University puts foreign students and Chinese students together in training, increasing the interactive exchanges between Chinese and foreign students. Lin Feng said that he feels very lucky to come to Peking University to study for a doctorate degree. After graduation, they really want to stay and work in China and contribute to the scientific development of China and Pakistan. Recently, China launched the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project under the “Belt and Road” initiative. They said that they would like to contribute to the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, just as China once helped Pakistan. They sincerely hope that the friendship between China and Pakistan will be evergreen.

Pakistani twins Ph.D. freshman at the School of Engineering




Russian student Nikita (KULAEV, NIKITA) graduated with a master's degree in modern Chinese from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University in 2018. This year, he once again started his Yanyuan tour. He said that during his Ph.D. degree in the School of Chinese as a Second Language at Peking University, he will continue to climb the mountain of books and wander in the ocean of knowledge. During his master's studies, he translated and published books such as "The Story of Xi Zhongxun" and "Ask for Space". These experiences He has improved his translation ability a lot, and he will continue to work in cultural translation between China and Russia, and be a good messenger of cultural exchanges between the two countries. It is worth mentioning that the book "The Story of Xi Zhongxun" has entered the ranking of Russia's "Most Worth-Watching Biography of Politicians in 2019", and has also been rated as an excellent case of "Belt and Road" publishing cooperation in 2020. When President Hao visited the representatives of new students, he presented the Chinese and Russian versions of the book to Peking University. Nikita introduced that he is currently translating the contemporary novel "Zhuangtai" selected in the "70 Years and 70 Novel Collections of New China", hoping to introduce contemporary Chinese literary works to the people of Russia and the world.

Nikita (KULAEV, NIKITA), a new doctoral student at the School of Chinese as a Foreign Language


Nikita presents to student reporters his translations given to Peking University


CLIFFORD (FIONN CUNNINGHAM) from Ireland is a graduate student in the public administration direction of the 2021 School of Government and Management. At the age of eleven, Feiyang came to Beijing from Ireland because of his parents’ work relationship. Thus, Beijing became his second hometown. He laughed and said, "I even feel more familiar with life in Beijing than in my hometown." In fact, this is not the first time Feiyang has come to Peking University. He visited Peking University with his schoolmates when he was in high school. At that time, Feiyang lingered among the ancient buildings and was deeply attracted by the simple and elegant temperament and atmosphere of Peking University. Feiyang studied at the University of International Business and Economics as an undergraduate. He said that during his undergraduate studies, he deeply felt the importance of the implementation process of government decision-making to the economic development of a country or region. Therefore, he firmly chose to come to Peking University School of Government and Management for further study and exploration. In addition, Feiyang was also selected as the host of the 2021 Peking University freshman opening ceremony. He said that although his heart is very nervous, he still hopes that he can exercise, make breakthroughs, and gain something in the new environment of Peking University.

Graduate student of the School of Government Management



Song Xiaoli (BROOKER, SARAH ELIZABETH) from the United States studied at New York University in Shanghai. This year, she was successfully admitted to Peking University and will continue her Chinese studies at Yenching Academy. She said that she had a keen interest in Chinese studies since she was a child: "Chinese culture has a unique attraction to me." During her undergraduate studies, Song Xiaoli mainly studied Chinese seals, one yin and one yang, between gold and stone, and Chinese culture. The spirit is full. She is looking forward to studying at Yenching Academy in the future. She can continue to study China's self-contained historical and cultural context, and continue to understand the five thousand years of Chinese civilization through historical and archeological materials. This is the first time she has come to Beijing. She loves history and hopes to travel around Beijing’s historical sites, taste authentic Chinese cuisine, and harvest a unique journey of Chinese history and culture.

Yenching Academy Master Freshmen



Siaka Coulibaly (SIAKA, COULIBALY) is from Burkina Faso. This fall, Siaka Coulibaly will enter Peking University and become a member of the Oriental Scholarship Governance and Politics Seminar in the fall of 2021. Students. After receiving the scholarship notice, Shiaka was very excited. He said, "The first impression that Peking University gave him was'admirable.' Being able to study at one of the best universities in the world is a great opportunity. I am very honored to be a part of it." As the director of the Burkina Faso Public Policy Analysis and Research Center, Siaka has been constantly looking for a model of social governance, and wants to contribute to the social and political construction of the motherland. In recent years, with the increasing number of exchanges between China and Africa in various aspects, Siaka's understanding of China has become increasingly clear. He feels that China is a good model for African countries in terms of social and political governance. He is very happy to have the opportunity to explore and understand China more deeply, learn more knowledge, and contribute to China-Africa political and economic exchanges.


Oriental Scholarship Scholar

Siaka Coulibaly (SIAKA, COULIBALY)

The Yanyuan Garden in the golden autumn is exceptionally beautiful. New students from all over the world walk into Yanyuan with their dreams of studying and yearning for Peking University. They also bring rich and colorful cultures from all over the world. The Yanyuan family has become more and more due to their participation. Colorful. Jun came from afar, inquired about Weiminghu, and asked Boyata. The inclusive and open Peking University also expects them to write colorful chapters from Peking University and China to the world.

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