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Welcome foreign students

On September 14th, the campus of Peking University welcomes the freshmen of 2020 foreign students. They will step into the academic hall of their hearts and usher in the dream journey of Yanyuan. In the fall of 2020, our school has admitted 1,179 foreign students from 107 countries.

Among them, there are 437 undergraduates (including students from the "Future Leader" international undergraduate program of the "Belt and Road" Academy), 363 postgraduate students, 82 doctoral students, 186 general advanced students, 18 advanced students, and 93 preparatory students. South Korea, Japan, and the United States rank the top three in the number of new students.

The School of International Relations, Guanghua School of Management, Yenching Academy, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and the School of Law have become the most popular departments for foreign students in the class of 2020.

Shenzhen Graduate School has admitted 142 new students, and the Department of Medicine has admitted 73 new students. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, most of the new foreign students abroad this year were unable to register, and about 200 students were able to register at the school.

The epidemic has not affected the students' enthusiasm and vision for the new semester, nor has it hindered Yanyuan's welcome and concern for the students. In the face of the epidemic, Peking University has actively responded by innovating the new orientation model for foreign students.

Through the “full path” orientation method that is simultaneously promoted “online and offline”, all foreign students and freshmen can register online and carry out a series of online orientation activities. 

For new international students who can register offline, the International Students Office has set up a welcome and consulting service station in the lobby of the New Sun Student Center to respond to the various needs of international students promptly.



Freshman Consultation Site for International Students on the 1st Floor of New Sun


On the morning of the 14th, Principal Hao Ping and his entourage went to the New Sun Student Center to learn about the orientation of international students.

After passing through the relevant orientation service sites, President Hao talked cordially with volunteers from all over the world to learn about their meticulous preparations for welcoming new students.

Afterward, President Hao had in-depth exchanges with some representatives of the freshmen of international students and learned about the majors of the students, their countries, and schools.

President Hao encouraged the students: Peking University welcomes international students from all over the world, and wishes the students can persist in what they have learned in Yanyuan and achieve success in their studies.

Finally, the students and Principal Hao took a group photo in the lobby on the first floor of the New Sun. Everyone expressed their gratitude to the school leaders for their care and love for the first time in the new semester.



Principal Hao Ping had a cordial exchange with international student volunteers



Principal Hao Ping took a group photo with international student volunteers and freshmen representatives


To help new students abroad complete the registration work, the International Students Office of the Ministry of International Cooperation has actively responded in a short time and developed and optimized the online registration system. The majority of international students at home and abroad can confirm and improve their personal information through mobile phones or computers. 

Submit the registration materials such as the highest degree certificate, passport, and visa page, the staff can simultaneously review the registration materials online and send the review results and related information to the students.

Students can register online, pay fees, purchase medical insurance, submit visa applications, and other procedures to achieve the "online one-stop" registration service function.



The mobile interface for the online registration of 2020 international students


By the specific requirements of "simultaneously open online and offline" for teaching work this semester, the International Students Office maintains close communication with each department and helps each freshman to complete the connection promptly, and do our best to protect students who cannot come to the school.

Our learning progress and teaching effect. The students who are unable to come to the school will start a new semester of study and life with the students on campus in the form of a "cloud classroom" from all over the world.

During the Orientation Week, each department and the International Student Office will arrange a series of orientation activities, by setting up experience sharing of old students, “ice-breaking” exchanges among new students, and organizing campus visits, career planning workshops, physical and mental health workshops, and other activities.

Students provide comprehensive and diversified orientation assistance. In addition to offline activities, the International Students Office also invites teachers from the Peking University Library, the Graduate School, and the School of Chinese Language Education to develop "Orientation Special Course Packages" for new international students, to help students better understand the use of resources in the school library and graduate students.

The training program, Chinese history and culture, and related curriculum resources have received high attention on the "Yanyun Live" platform of Peking University.

On September 14th, the number of resource visits has reached more than 4,500 person-times. In addition, the International Students Office has also assembled relevant disciplinary and normative legal publicity guides, study abroad guides, and other materials, and shared them with the new international students as soon as possible to ensure that they can smoothly integrate into the new semester life in China and at school in a short time.



Topics on Entrance Education for Foreign Students in Peking University Class of 2020


We look forward to every foreign student freshman who can overcome the obstacles of the epidemic with the active help of the school, and successfully embark on a learning journey in Yanyuan, which is a combination of cloud and cloud.

Let's take a look at the "cute new" faces of international students who have joined the "Swallow Garden Family" this year:

Gulandom Mahmudova, a girl from Tajikistan, said that the original intention of choosing Yanyuan was because she believed that it was a university with a “high educational level that can make you the self of your dreams”. She has browsed the information of many colleges and universities. Among them, Yanyuan’s beautiful scenery, long history, achievements and many outstanding alumni talents cultivated made her look forward to her.

Her heart has a strong interest and strong interest in this Fangyuan. Yearning, so he resolutely embarked on the journey of pursuing dreams in Yanyuan. After more than a year of preparatory education for foreign students at Peking University, Bailu is about to start his undergraduate study life at the School of International Relations, which he has long desired.



Bai Lu, a student from Tajikistan


Enzo dos Santos from Brazil is the first student of the "Future Leader" project. The project aims to cultivate international leaders for the new era of globalization with a world-class undergraduate management degree education.

The students of the project will carry out the "college system" learning practice in the school, in-depth understanding of China and the world, and shaping the indispensable international vision, cross-cultural understanding, openness and tolerance, and the ability to understand and solve complex problems from different perspectives for future leaders.

"I knew for a long time that the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University is one of the best management schools in China. I feel very happy to be able to participate in such a project.

One of the most important reasons why I am so eager to study in China is that China's economy continues to grow. For development, I am eager to learn and share the experience with my home country—Brazil."



San Anze


Rachel McVeigh, a British girl studying in the Chinese Department of Oxford University, is about to enter the Department of Chinese Language and Literature to study for a master's degree. She mentioned that she first came to Peking University in her sophomore year.

At that time, she spent a wonderful year studying in Yanyuan as an exchange student. She said: "When I re-enter the campus of Peking University, I must first go to Weiming Lake and visit my old friends in Yannan Canteen.

I wonder if the aunt at the Regan noodles window still remembers me because I used to almost every day. Will go to patronize". Wei Ruixiu's fate with China also began with her strong interest in Chinese culture.

In her view, Chinese literary works are like a legacy from the world: most Westerners have never heard of any Chinese literary works, but these works have extremely high literary value and unique charm. Wei Ruixiu said that she expects to have a deeper and broader understanding of Chinese literature and academic culture in her future studies.



Wei Ruixiu participated in the teaching activities of Lincang Road, Yunnan Province in 2018


Also deeply attracted by Yanyuan’s scenery and the outstanding teachers and students of Peking University is Kevin Cooley from the United States. This semester he will participate in the preparatory education courses for foreign students at Peking University online.

He hopes that he will have the opportunity to be admitted in the future. Studying for an undergraduate degree at Peking University.

Gu Kaiwen recalled that when he first knew Peking University three years ago, the most impressive thing about this garden was the scenery and architecture on the campus, which was very unique and beautiful. There are also many interesting attractions and attractive food near the school.

There are plenty of club activities in the school to participate in and make many good friends. Gu Kaiwen said: "The impression that Peking University left me at that time was that the campus was beautiful. The students of Peking University are one of the smartest groups in China, and the teachers are also very warm to me. Everything is good, it is perfect."



Gu Kaiwen


Gregor Obrez from Slovenia has traveled between China and Slovenia for nine years. He is about to study for a doctorate in international politics at the School of International Relations.

To study at Peking University, he never stopped working hard to learn Chinese culture and knowledge. During his nine-year relationship with China, he has continuously deepened his understanding of all aspects of China and actively expanded his knowledge of international politics.

He said that he came to Peking University not to gain recognition from the outside world, but because he had a firm idea of engaging in academic research on international politics in his heart.

He also mentioned his diversified career path in the future after graduation, he can engage in academic research and diplomatic work at the same time, hoping that he can actively participate in political activities in Slovenia and the European Union.

"I hope to realize my plan-to complete myself, become a more knowledgeable person, live outside of my comfort zone, and dare to accept greater challenges."



Slovenian student Ou Gaorong


These international students are not only the "new swallows" who came to Yanyuan for the first time but also the enterprising dream-catchers. Came to Yanyuan and China not only to appreciate this fertile soil on the other side of the ocean but also to set sail better in the future.

On the shore of the lake and pagoda shadows, they will take a closer look at this vast, thick and charming land, and let the breath of Yanyuan and the charm of China become a part of their future life.

I wish all dreamers who are about to meet in Yanyuan, in the context of the era when the epidemic is sweeping the world, still stick to their hearts and ride the wind and waves; they can also gain knowledge and friends and experience progress in the all-encompassing and beautiful Yanyuan. And growth. Go ahead and set sail!

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