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Our school successfully held a broadcast exercise competition

Release date: 2021-03-26 22:30:22

To activate campus cultural life, enhance students' physical fitness, cultivate the spirit of collectivism, and enable students to obtain comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor, on March 26, our school held the "Jiaoyuan Cup" radio exercise game. Vice President Yan Xunze and Director Zou Lijun of the Academic Affairs Office attended the competition. The head of the Art Department Huang Yan served as the chief referee of the competition. Teachers from various departments were Lai Qianhua, Zhang Bin, Lv Yan, Zhang Ruixue, Dai Chuwen, and Fan Qian as judges.

This broadcast exercise competition was meticulously planned, closely coordinated, and actively trained by physical education teachers and class teachers to make full use of physical education time and spare time to allow every student to master the essentials of movement, rhythm, and strength.

"You look so good when you smile, like a spring flower..." With the beautiful music, the radio exercise competition officially kicked off. The students entered the arena with firm and tidy steps, and the loud slogans echoed across the campus. During the competition, each participating class entered the arena in a neat queue. All the students were full of energy and spirits. Following the brisk rhythm of the broadcast exercises, their movements were standard, powerful, and graceful. They raised their hands, feet, and bends over. , Turning around and jumping are all neatly unified, and the movements are full of confidence.

Based on the principle of "fairness, fairness, and openness", the judges and teachers earnestly scored comprehensively in terms of entering and exiting the field, mental outlook, standard of exercises, and leading exercises. The whole arena fully embodies the vigorous, sunny, and happy spirit. From time to time, there were warm applause and cheers on the field. In this competition, preschool 5, preschool 3, and preschool 16 won the first prize, preschool 6, music education, music education, music education, and other 6 classes won the second prize, preschool 9 and preschool Nine classes including Class 11 and Pre-Kindergarten 4 won the third prize, 10 classes including Elementary School Class 8, Pre-Kindergarten Class 2, and Pre-Kindergarten Class 10 won the Excellence Award, and 17 others including Lan Liyun, Shi Yuan, and Xiang Lijuan The classmate was awarded as an outstanding leader. School Secretary Tian Maoqun, Vice President Yan Xunze, and Vice President Zhuang Lixun presented awards to the winning classes and encouraged students to continue their efforts to achieve better results in future studies and competitions.

This competition not only improved the students' broadcasting skills but also exercised their will and physical fitness, allowing teachers and students to understand that unity and joint efforts are the guarantee of success and lay the foundation for cultivating all-round development of the "Four Haves" teachers.




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