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2021 Spring Semester Fun Games

Release date: 2021-04-29 19:56:07

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, enrich student campus life, enhance mutual exchanges and friendship between classes, stimulate college students’ identification with national culture, promote national traditional sports spirit, and enhance national cohesion, Qinzhou Junior College on the afternoon of April 27 The 2021 spring semester fun sports meeting with the theme of "Kindergarten students' heart to the party and national sports spirit" was held, showing the unique style of the kindergarten students.



President Liang Yanqing attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the sports meeting. Vice President Zhuang Lixun delivered an opening speech. Teacher Lai Qianhua from the Department of Elementary Education presided over the opening ceremony.


Principal Liang Yanqing announced the opening of the Games


Vice President Zhuang Lixun delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

Vice President Zhuang Lixun delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He said: "Red sports are part of the red culture. It bears the mark of the red revolution, symbolizing hard work, perseverance, and other spiritual qualities. We hope that all participating athletes will achieve results on the sports field. , Also show the spirit of the competition, get the fun of sports, participate in safe, courteous, and standardized participation".

In this game, six events including three-person board shoes, back basket throwing hydrangea, tug-of-war, eight-character skipping rope, ten-person nine-legged, and caterpillar battle were set up, closely focusing on "fun" and "national tradition" as the mainline, with the class as the unit. Teams are formed and group confrontation is implemented. The competitions of all events reflect fun, entertainment, fitness, nationality, and inheritance.

The back basket catches the hydrangea, and the sky full of hydrangea flies up, carrying a bamboo basket and one step to catch the hydrangea; ten people with nine feet and a few small ropes are connected by the hearts of ten people and teamwork to the end; Grabbing the long rope, a whistle sounded, everyone used force, the whistle did not sound, do not let go, do not give up, stand up again after falling, this is the spirit of tug-of-war. A total of 1,029 students participated in the sports events in this Games. The athletes sweated, worked hard in unity on the field, and demonstrated the indomitable and courageous sportsmanship of the junior college students.



"8" skipping rope project


Three-person sneakers project

In the end, physical education class 1 won first place in the total score of the group, the elementary education class 1 and preschool class 1 tied for second place, the elementary education class 4 won third place, and the elementary education class 6 won the excellent organization award.

Vice President Yan Xunze delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. He said: The sports meet is over, but the spirit of sports must not be lost. We must bring the spirit of sports to future work and study, remember history, and carry forward it without fear of hardship and fatigue. The red revolutionary spirit of China inherits the traditional national sports culture and allows the red sports gene to be passed on from generation to generation.

Recently, Qinzhou Junior College has continuously deepened the study and education of party history, and organized a series of themed activities, so that students in the activities inspire a sense of identity and national self-confidence of the national culture of college students. The "Kindergarten Students' Hearts to the Party and National Sports Concentrate the Spirit" 2021 spring semester fun sports meeting is precisely the Qinzhou Junior College combines the requirements of the party and the state to cultivate new era youth with patriotic passion and national sentiment, attracting more college students Participate in interesting and beneficial national traditional sports, guide them to exercise their body and mind and promote the comprehensive development of college students' morality, intelligence, physical education, and art.




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