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Our school holds fun sports games

To enrich the cultural life of students on campus, enhance their physical fitness, enhance mutual communication and friendship between classes, promote the construction and development of a harmonious campus, and stimulate college students’ identity and national confidence in national culture, Qinzhou Junior College will be held on April 27-29 A fun sports meeting for traditional ethnic sports will be held for three days.

At 16:20 on the afternoon of April 27th, all teachers and students of Qinzhou Preschool Teachers College held the opening ceremony of the fun games of traditional ethnic sports in the track and field.

The opening ceremony was presided over by teacher Lai Jianhua. Principal Liang Yanqing announced the official start of the sports meeting. The teachers and students of the school sang the national anthem, and Vice-Principal Zhuang Lixun delivered the opening speech. At the opening ceremony, Lan Liuhui and Zhang Ruijie took the oath on behalf of the athletes and referees respectively. At the end of the agenda, Ms. Lai Qianhua announced his exit. When the game started, the basketball court was full of voices and lively.


President Liang Yanqing delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

The games officially kicked off. First of all, the first competition event was three-person board shoes. Before the competition, the athletes were preparing for the competition with excitement and enthusiasm. Although the faces of the athletes were slightly nervous, they quickly plunged into the competition. The students were enthusiastic and enthusiastic. The sound rendered the entire atmosphere to the apex.

After the "8" rope skipping began, the atmosphere of the competition was very high. The students filed along with the rhythm of the rope. Not only were eyes sick and legs fast, but also full of tacit understanding. The competition process was wonderful and intense. The long rope was light and flexible, and the students were light. Ryan; shouts, cheers, the whole arena is boiling.

The last competition event of the day was tug-of-war. When the whistle of the competition sounded, the participating team members clenched the long rope and pulled back with all their strength. The non-participating students spontaneously formed a cheering team to cheer for the team members. , The fierce competition on the spot pushed the whole event to a climax!


The students are full of energy in the tug of war

During the competition, the team members of each class worked hard, and the atmosphere was extremely fierce, both on and off the court. The students on the cheerleading team were all enthusiastic, cheering and cheering added a touch of color to the game, and every shout brought a burst of strength! With the end of the tug-of-war competition, the first day of the competition came to an end temporarily. I look forward to the wonderful performance of the students the next day.

At 4:30 pm on April 28th, with the enthusiastic cheers of the students, we ushered in the next day of the game. The fierce battle of the tug of war yesterday is still vivid. Today's game is also very interesting: the basket throws hydrangea, the ten-man nine-legged competition, and the men's and women's tug-of-war preliminaries, three competitions are in full swing on the basketball court.

The first was the basket-throwing hydrangea competition. The students on the spot saw the atmosphere of the players carrying on their backs. The athletes entered the state one after another. They played very vigorously and took the hydrangea at a brisk pace. It was wonderful. This competition integrates the traditional culture of ethnic minorities, which not only arouses the interest of the students but also allows them to understand the charm of traditional customs.

The nine-legged competition was followed by a ten-person nine-legged competition. Before the game, there were cheers. The neat team followed the gunfire. The students were in a tacit understanding, step by step. Even if they fell, they stood up quickly and insisted on moving towards the finish line. Flew away, such persevering sportsmanship is amazing.

The last part of the activity was a thrilling tug-of-war competition. When the whistle of the competition sounded, the athletes gritted their teeth and squeezed the rope, and pulled back. The student's onlookers were immersed in the joy of the game with their breath and breath... With the sound of the whistle, today's game also ushered in the end. What about tomorrow’s caterpillar battle and the men’s and women’s tug-of-war finals? Let’s wait and see!

Finally arrived on the final day of the Games. On April 29th, at 16:30, the final game was held, the caterpillar battle, the women's tug-of-war finals, and the men's tug-of-war finals. The first battle was the "caterpillar" battle. There was a full-blown scene on the sports field, exuding youthful vitality and vigor, and the face was filled with happiness and joy. The athletes shouted "one or two, one or two!" I saw the "caterpillars" advancing fast together, and their fronts should not fly out like a string of arrows! The cheerleaders are also vigorous, shouting and cheering. This fierce sound brings infinite strength to the athletes and pushes the athletes forward. Accompanied by bursts of cheering, they are full of energy and energetic.

Finally, the men's and women's tug-of-war finals were played. After a layer of selection and competition, they finally entered the finals and won the rankings.

With the active participation of the students, the event ended perfectly. This fun sports meeting not only allowed the students to exercise their bodies but also experienced the spirit of teamwork. At the same time, it also provided an excellent communication platform for students of various faculties, strengthened the friendship between students of various faculties, and let the students truly feel The joy of movement.

At the end of the competition, the person in charge gave an award to the event, and the students showed a happy smile on the podium. The fun games of traditional ethnic sports came to a successful conclusion!


Group photo at the end of the fun games

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