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Youth Go Championship

Release date: 2020-12-10 08:44:55

"At first I suspected that the star of the dawn will fall, and the next time I see the three-autumn soldiers. The geese marching in the formation are not known, and everyone is shocked by the tiger's lair." The poet Liu Yuxi described the unpredictable go game. As the oldest strategy game, Go is said to have been created by Emperor Yao. Because there are 19 vertical and horizontal lines on the board, the board is divided into 361 intersections, which can perform endless changes. This is the crazy obsession with Go. The 2020 Qinzhou Youth Go Championship was held on December 5-6 at the Hengda Affiliated Primary School of Qinzhou No. 2 Middle School. This competition was hosted by the Qinzhou Go Association. To enrich the students' after-school life and strengthen their enthusiasm for Go cultural activities, the Youth League Committee of Qinzhou Junior College and the Go Association organized ten young Go volunteers to assist in the development of the game.

At the competition site, the volunteers assisted the competition staff to measure the temperature at the entrance of the competition and reminded the competition players to wear masks for personal protection when entering the competition arena. At the same time, they assisted the staff to maintain order at the competition scene during the competition. The volunteers of Qinzhou Kindergarten School are serious, responsible, diligent, and capable in their work, reflecting the dedication, hard work, and hard work of the students of Qinzhou Kindergarten School.

The tight game is going on in an orderly manner


With the hard work of ten volunteers from the Go Association for two days, the Qinzhou Youth Go Tournament came to a perfect curtain call, and the wonderful games of 1,023 little Go players all shined brightly. The ten volunteers of our school have also been highly recognized by the organizer in their work.


Group photo of all volunteers and Principal Liang Yanqing

 academic-news-2                                                                                                                                                                                                                Group photo of all staff after the game

Participation in this activity not only improved the working ability of our school's young volunteers but also played a positive role in establishing a good social image of Qinzhou Junior College.

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