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 Graduation Ceremony of 2020 Graduates Held


The lilac blossoms and the fragrance fills the campus, and in a blink of an eye it is the season of graduation. At 16:00 on June 20, 2020, the graduation ceremony and degree-granting ceremony of the 2020 graduates of the School of International Education will be held as scheduled. Affected by the epidemic, our hospital adopts the method of integrating offline and online. The 219 meeting room of Derun Building has a main venue. Through live video broadcast, each graduate is a branch venue. Parents of students are invited to share and witness this A solemn and happy moment.




The student Peng Chengyuan has a long friendship with teachers. Sun Haili, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of International Education, said in her speech from three aspects: forging her faith, bravely taking responsibility, not forgetting the original aspiration, abiding by the bottom line, being grateful, and dreaming of the future: she hopes that students will always remember their social responsibilities, work hard, and be creative ; No matter how difficult you encounter, you must not forget your original aspiration, move forward courageously, and move forward courageously toward your lofty goals; use your ingenuity and hard work to create a brilliant tomorrow.




Graduate representative Zhang Zhe shared with everyone his unique experience in the epidemic, "Even if this happened to me and to me, I still met kind-hearted people. The school's timely and rainy funding helped us through. In the economic difficulties, the teachers' daily humor and warmth gave us psychological support, and the silent company of classmates gave us spiritual motivation. I use my personal experience to tell everyone that today’s school and tomorrow’s alma mater will always be us. Home." "I love this profession even more. I am determined to spread the splendid Chinese civilization to the world and let the world understand China." "Four years of university study made my aspirations more persistent and aspirations more determined. Let us remember The school motto of the college-general knowledge, seeking truth, serving the country, and helping the world, stick to the good habits that we have developed in the college, and continue to move forward without changing the original intention."


Alexander, the representative of international student graduates, said in his speech: During the epidemic, we cannot return to school. We can only take classes and reply online, but we still have a lot of gains. The Chinese people are good friends of the Russian people. We join hands to overcome difficulties and write a better tomorrow. China has achieved a staged victory in the fight against the epidemic, and I believe that in the near future, we will be able to return to the beautiful Huanhu University.




Accumulate thinly to inspire youth, soar to the sky with high ambitions. In the four years of university, there are both hard study and wonderful talent display on the stage. There are hearty and hearty struggles in the arena, and the calmness and richness in front of the desk, leaving unforgettable memories and staying with him for a lifetime. The students expressed that they would integrate the ideal of youth into the grand blueprint of the country, actively devote themselves to the construction of the country, pursue the dream of youth, have the world in mind, and benefit the society.


The wind of the willows by the labor lake brings great affection to the students. Four years of university life will be turned into a mark, imprinted in the hearts of every country's teachers, and will be indelible. The school motto of "Nurturing Zheng and Virtue, Essence for Self-reliance" will always be remembered in my heart and will be practiced with a lifetime of dedication. The college hopes that graduates will continue to use knowledge to illuminate their lives after they leave school, let practice sharpen their edge, keep their youthful enthusiasm and courage to pursue the truth, ride the wind and waves and create brilliance on the road of life!


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