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 Inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng



March 5, 2020 is the 57th "Remembrance of Lei Feng" in the country. The International Education Institute organizes students to study the advanced deeds of modern living Lei Feng at home. By watching a short film of Lei Feng's life and deeds, we can learn about the burden for us in the fight against the epidemic. A civilian hero, inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng, pays tribute to the vanguard of the epidemic.




In the 57 years of learning from the spirit of Lei Feng, batches of advanced Lei Feng-like figures and civilian heroes have emerged on the land of China. This year, the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic broke our usual picture of study and life. However, when the country and the people needed it most, the most beautiful retrogrades marched out fearlessly, helped the crisis through the war, declared to fight the epidemic with responsibilities and responsibility, participated in the fight against the epidemic spontaneously, and became a "volunteer." They used the most beautiful figure and persistent back to build a line of defense for us.




Under the epidemic situation, the students always keep their original intentions in mind, actively participate in online teaching, relieve their own emotions, and strive to dedicate their own strength. When the torrent of the epidemic came, Master Qi took up the only weapon on his body, doing his best for himself, for others, for the society, and for the motherland. Bing Xin said, "It is not the rolling waves that create the land, but the fine sand under it." We all "take over the gun in Lei Feng's hand" and use practical actions to write the story of "thousands of Lei Feng are growing".


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