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Life service

Information about postal service, medical treatment and surrounding environment of the school, and supporting service facilities


1. Catering Service

Qiqihar University has student restaurants in the Central District, East District, and West District, which can provide a wealth of dishes including halal meals at high quality and low prices. There is a dining room for foreign students in the lobby on the first floor of the foreign student apartment.


2. Food service around campus

There are many Chinese, Western and Korean restaurants and fast food restaurants on Xuefu Road outside the main entrance of Qiqihar University and Zhonghua West Road in the East District. Students can eat outside the campus.


3. Postal Service

Post Office: There is the China Post and Post Office on the west side of the east gate of Qiqihar University.

Phone: 0452-2738465

Business hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

There are express companies such as Yuantong and Shentong in the family area of Qiqihar University


4. See a doctor in the hospital

Qiqihar University Hospital provides outpatient medical services. Foreign students can go to the school hospital for medical treatment, and if necessary, they can also go to Qiqihar No. 1 Hospital and Qiqihar No. 2 Hospital near the school. The China Scholarship Council has purchased medical insurance for the scholarship students to cover possible accidental injury treatment costs and medical expenses for serious illness hospitalization.

In an emergency, you can call the public emergency number 120.


5. Shopping places

Near Qiqihar University, there are large shopping malls including Qiqihar University Shopping Center, Wanda Plaza, Wal-Mart, Xin Mart, RT-Mart, etc., as well as leisure, entertainment, and catering service areas. It is a good place for students to buy things and taste Chinese cuisine.


6. Banking services

(1) Currency Exchange

Since RMB is still not a freely convertible currency, you may not be able to convert to RMB outside of the country.

We suggest that after you arrive in Qiqihar, you can exchange Renminbi at the People's Bank of China located in the city center.

We strongly recommend that students do not exchange currency at informal institutions and individuals. Currency exchange without government approval is often risky, such as counterfeit banknotes.


(2)Bank card

On ATMs in China, cards issued by many international credit card organizations can be used, but the most common ones are VISA and MasterCard. Other types of cards (American Express/Diners/Discovery/JCB, etc.) are relatively rare. Therefore, we recommend that you bring a VISA bank card to use in China.


(3)Bank and ATM

There are many banks near the campus. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Longjiang Bank, etc., located opposite the east gate of Zhonghua West Road, support cash deposits and withdrawals.

There are ATM machines in many places on campus, such as the East District Media Building, the West District Main Building, and the Employment Guidance Center.


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