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Introduction to Practice Base

Wudalianchi Teaching Practice Base

The Wudalianchi Teaching Practice Base for International Students of Qiqihar University was established in June 2012. Wudalianchi is distributed with fourteen volcanoes formed from more than 2 million years to 1719 to 1721, five connected volcanic barrier lakes formed by volcanic eruptions, as well as more than 800 square kilometers of lava terraces and a series of volcanic mineral springs. In addition to the unique and typical volcanic landscape, the volcanic geology and landforms of this area are rare in the world. In 2003, it was approved as a global geopark after being strictly reviewed by UNESCO, and became one of the first eight scenic spots in my country to gain the reputation of a global geopark. In the past few years, several foreign students from the School of International Education of Qiqihar University have come here for internships and scientific investigations. It has built a platform for international cultural exchanges for the development of tourism in Heilongjiang Province, and has played a positive role in promoting the training of talents in the International Education College of Qiqihar University.


Youth Forest Farm Practice Base

The International Education College of Qiqihar University established a practice base for foreign students in Qiqihar Youth Forest Farm in July 2012. The Youth Forest Farm is located 38 kilometers north of Qiqihar City, in the west of the Nenjiang Plain. The forest farm is located in Ruiting Township, Meili Sidahaner District, bordering Changshan Township, Gannan County in the northwest. The main trees are poplar, larch, mongolica, yellow pineapple, ash, elm, linden, etc. more than 10 kinds. Undergrowth and ground cover are scarce. Wild animals mainly include rabbits, wolves, horns, foxes, pheasants, sand chickens, and wild ducks. The forest farm was approved as a provincial hunting ground in 1998 and a national forest park in 1992. In addition, the forest farm has opened a holiday tourism route with Zhalong, Mingyue Island, and Gannan Reservoir. It was evaluated in the A-level assessment last year. It is an "AA"-level tourist unit.


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