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Register accommodation

Foreigners living in China shall register for accommodation in accordance with the provisions of the law. Within 24 hours of arriving in China, the resident, institution, or the person holding the passport of the resident and the residence booklet of the resident shall report to the local public security agency and fill in the registration form for temporary accommodation. If you live in the international student dormitory of Qiqihar University. The International Student Management Department will handle it for you.


It is important to note that international students who change their passports, visas, or change addresses must re-register for accommodation within 10 days, otherwise they will be deemed to be illegally staying.


Accommodation of international students


The college has more than 28,000 square meters of high-rise apartments. In order to facilitate the study and life of international students, dormitories for international students with different prices are set up, and apartment management is implemented. The apartments are all double standard rooms, equipped with separate bathroom, smart TV, solar water heater, satellite TV, refrigerator, telephone, Internet socket, wardrobe and other facilities; international students can watch their own TV in the room and check information on the Internet. And provide cleaning and bedding changing services.


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