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"Chinese Bridge" finals concluded successfully

On August 25, the Zimbabwe finals of the 19th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign  Students ended successfully online.

Affected by the new crown epidemic, the five players who stood out in the preliminary round continued to participate in the competition in the form of online Q&A and submission of videos.

A jury composed of Chinese and foreign teachers from the embassy and the Confucius Institute gave scores to the contestants' performance in each link.




The competition is divided into three parts: keynote speech, knowledge quiz, and Chinese talent show.

Focusing on the theme "One Family in the World", the five contestants shared their stories with Chinese in their speeches, expressed their love for the Chinese language and Chinese culture, described the profound friendship between China and Zimbabwe, and portrayed the beautiful scene of one family in the world.

The content of their speeches is novel and unique, the speech pronunciation is clear and accurate, and the speech is full of emotion.



(The keynote speech of contestant Li Ai (Loveness Zimhindo) is in progress)


In the knowledge question and answer session, the contestants demonstrated their profound language skills and profound knowledge of Chinese culture. In the Chinese talent show, the players fully demonstrated.

A prose poem was written by a father by Li Ai vividly demonstrates the love and responsibility between father and children; a poem by Kang Jiaqi, "Mulan Ci", demonstrates the heroic heroism of women.



(The contestant Nikhesile Chauke sings the song "My Motherland and Me")


In the end, Loveness Zimhindo (Loveness Zimhindo) won the first prize in this competition, and Vimbiso Samakande (Vimbiso Samakande) and Xie Yan (Nikhesile Chauke) won the second and third prizes respectively.

Participating in this competition deepened their understanding and understanding of the Chinese language and culture, and further stimulated their enthusiasm for learning Chinese.

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