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International students adapt to online learning

When the epidemic hit, the Confucius Institute in Costa Rica began teaching online in March.

After initial exploration and adaptation, teachers have found a teaching model that suits their class. At the same time, they have integrated a large number of efficient and practical network resources to help students adapt to online learning in the "air classroom" position.

The students have also changed from the initial confusion and perplexity to the current adaptation and cooperation. They not only move forward firmly on the road of Chinese learning but also express their love for the Chinese language and Chinese culture in their own way.

In order for the students to apply the Chinese they have learned to their lives, the teacher arranged corresponding video assignments in each class, allowing them to practice oral English by recording videos and show their unique style.

After learning how to introduce the location, student Su Yuchen from HSK 2A class made a video of "Welcome to My Home" and introduced his home in the video.



(HSK 2A Su Yuchen "Welcome to My Home")


Linghuan, a "smart ghost" from HSK 1C class, immediately used this grammatical point to introduce his daily life after learning the knowledge point of using "了" to express the past tense.



(HSK 1C Linghuan "My Daily Life")


He Mingxuan, also from the HSK 1C class, not only has a variety of styles but also has a very good Chinese pronunciation. "I worked on Monday", "I made Chinese food on Tuesday", "I drove on Wednesday"



(HSK 1C He Mingxuan "My Daily Life")


During the epidemic quarantine, the teachers did not relax the requirements on the teaching level.

All public teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute regularly participate in the online teaching training conducted by the Latin American Center.

They also hold weekly internal online meetings to discuss problems in teaching and work and continue to explore more efficient and practical teaching models.

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