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Cultural activities of the global programming competition group

On March 5, 2021, the Confucius Institute at the University of Costa Rica received an invitation from Esteban Arias Méndez, the head of the IEEE Global Programming Competition Team of the Costa Rica University of Science and Technology, and Danny Xie, the chairman, to explain the Chinese New Year culture to the team members.



(The opening speech of the event)


This event is still conducted by Facebook Live.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Esteban from the University of Science and Technology of Costa Rica and Mr. Guohua Zhou, the foreign dean of the Confucius Institute at the University of Costa Rica, respectively extended brief greetings to the teachers who are about to share and the students who are watching the live broadcast.

Immediately afterward, Mr. Kattia Barrientos from the Confucius Institute first introduced the Chinese Zodiac to the students and explained the origin of the Zodiac.

Teacher Kattia mentioned that different zodiac signs represent different personalities, and everyone may have a deeper understanding of themselves through the understanding of their own zodiac signs.



(Ms. Kattia introduces the zodiac signs)


After that, Mr. Huangchao Chen from the Confucius Institute explained the "Fu" culture to the students.

When explaining the Spring Festival culture, Mr. Chen also especially showed the Chinese Spring Festival couplets and explained the blessings contained therein.

Then Mr. Huang Xing'an from the Confucius Institute showed the students the red envelopes she has treasured for so many years, and every one of them was exquisite and amazed the students.

Teacher Huang also mentioned why the Chinese have to hang the character "Fu" upside down, which has a special meaning. Finally, the two teachers taught the students how to write the word "Fu" on the spot. Many students showed their work to everyone on the spot, which is really pretty good!



(Teacher Chen Huangchao introduced the Spring Festival couplets)


(Teacher Huang Xing'an introduces the red envelope)


The one-hour activity soon came to an end with laughter.

On the second day, Danny, the IEEE chairman of the University of Costa Rica, wrote us a letter of appreciation and hoped that the exchanges between the two universities could be normalized in the future.

He also awarded certificates of honor to each teacher who participated in the activity and looked forward to the next cooperation activity with the Confucius Institute.



(Activity Certificate of Honor)

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