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International Undergraduate Program

(1) Enrollment target

1. In principle, the age is required to be between 18 and 25 years old, physically and mentally healthy, a full-time high school graduate or above, and a non-Chinese citizen holding a valid foreign passport. Applicants under the age of 18 must provide a notarized certificate of their guardian in China;

2. Applicants whose parents or both of them are Chinese citizens, have foreign nationality at birth, or were originally residents of the mainland (Mainland), Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan of the motherland, who have immigrated abroad and obtained foreign nationality, must comply with the Ministry of Education of China Jiaowaihan [2020] No. 12 documents and provide relevant supporting materials.


(2) Application time

Online registration: November 15, 2020-March 14, 2021

Online review (including review): November 23, 2020-March 21, 2021

Paper version materials review: November 30, 2020-March 28, 2021 (except winter vacation)

Note: The time for online review includes the time for re-submission of information for re-review if the initial review is not passed. Applicants must prepare all application materials in advance to avoid affecting the application. If the review deadline is exceeded, our school will no longer review the information submitted again. Due to the epidemic, all paper application materials are submitted by mail, subject to the date of receipt, and only EMS and SF Express are accepted.


(3) Application process

1. Log in to our school’s international student application system, fill in the registration information, upload the application materials and pay the registration fee after a successful registration. The registration fee is RMB 800, which must be paid online after the online registration information is successfully submitted. The registration fee will not be refunded once paid;

2. After the online registration information is approved, print out the "Application Form for International Students from Renmin University of China to Study in China" and sign for confirmation;

3. Download the "Guarantee Letter" from the website of the International Students Office, and the guarantor (parent or legal guardian) will fill in and sign it;

4. After the online review is passed, the applicant should submit the paper application materials to the International Students Office as required.


(4) Application materials

1. "Application Form for International Students from Renmin University of China to Study in China";


2. Certificate of a full-time high school diploma. Applicants who have graduated must submit a copy of the graduation certificate (the original is reviewed when the enrollment period is reached); fresh graduates must provide the original or notarized copy of the enrollment certificate and expected graduation certificate, and provide the original graduation certificate for the school’s review when the enrollment period arrives. ;


3. Original or notarized transcripts of all courses in high school;


4. Two original written recommendation letters, which must be signed by the recommender. One of them must be a recommendation letter from a middle school teacher;


5. At least 200 points for HSK Level 5 or 180 points for HSK Level 6, and a single subject must have 60 points or more, and HSKK Advanced 60 points or more. The original HSK and HSKK transcripts must be mailed directly to our school by Hankao International, and individual submissions are not accepted;


6. The original copy of the "Guarantee Letter", the template is downloaded from the website of the International Students Office;


7. The guarantor’s financial ability certificate (such as employment income certificate, bank deposit certificate, or another financial ability certificate, among which the bank deposit certificate must be a fixed deposit with an amount of 30,000 yuan or more and the deposit time limit after October 2021) ;


8. Personal resume (must include personal information, family members, past life and learning experience, social activities participated in, etc.);


9. The original certificate of no criminal record:

① Applicants currently in China must provide a certificate of non-criminal record issued by relevant immigration authorities;

② Applicants who have studied and lived in China but are not currently in China must provide a non-criminal certificate issued by the public safety management department of their country.

Criminal record certificate, and submit the certificate of no criminal record during the period of stay in China issued by the relevant immigration department when entering the journal;

③ Applicants who have never studied and lived in China must provide a non-criminal record certificate issued by the public security administration of their country.


10. A photocopy of the first page of the passport (the passport must be valid after March 31, 2022. If it does not meet the requirements, please replace the passport in advance). Applicants currently in China must also provide a photocopy of their valid visa in China;


11. According to the Ministry of Education Jiaowaihan [2020] No. 12, applicants whose parents are both Chinese citizens and have foreign nationality at birth must submit the following materials to the school:

① A copy of the valid IDs of both parents at the time of birth of the applicant and a copy of the valid IDs currently held by the parents;

② If both or one of the parents is a Chinese citizen and settles in a foreign country, the relevant certification materials of the parents' settlement in the foreign country must be provided;

③ If both or one of the parents is a Chinese citizen, but has lived in China for a long time and has no foreign permanent residence certificate, according to the relevant provisions of the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China, the applicant must provide a certificate of renunciation of Chinese nationality;

④ A copy of the certificate of obtaining foreign nationality at birth, the original is available for inspection;

⑤ Copies of passport entry and exit stamp pages for the most recent four years (April 30, 2017, to April 30, 2021), and the originals are available for inspection;


12. According to the Ministry of Education’s Jiaowaihan [2020] No. 12, applicants who were originally Chinese citizens and later became foreign nationals must submit the following materials to the school:

① Naturalization certificate;

② Proof of the applicant's withdrawal of Chinese nationality and proof of cancellation of the original Chinese household registration;

③ Copies of passport entry and exit stamp pages for the most recent four years (April 30, 2017, to April 30, 2021), and the originals are available for inspection.


13. "Foreigner Physical Examination Form", the template is downloaded from the website of the International Students Office. Applicants must go to the local regular hospital for relevant physical examination and provide an examination form signed and confirmed by the physician and stamped.

Note: All application materials must be in Chinese/English. For documents other than Chinese/English, notarized Chinese/English translations must be provided. Documents in other languages are not accepted;

If the submitted materials are notarized, they must be originals. Notarized copies are not accepted;

In addition to the above application materials, applicants under the age of 18 must also provide the original notarized certificate of the guardian in China;

All application materials will not be returned once submitted;

The school reserves the request for applicants The right to submit relevant supporting materials.


(5) Assessment and admission

Written test time: mid-April 2021

Written subjects: Chinese, Mathematics, English

Interview time: mid-May 2021

The results of the proposed admissions are planned to be announced in June 2021, and the specific time will be notified separately.

Note: The specific time and format of the written test will be notified separately. Written examinations, interviews, admissions, and other related notices need to be checked on the online application system. The International Students Office does not provide other forms of inquiry services. When art major applicants participate in the interview, the college may add a professional quality assessment link. The specific requirements are subject to the interview notice.


(6) Scholarship

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

Applicants can apply for the Chinese government scholarship through the Chinese embassy or consulate in their country. The general application period is from November to April of the following year. For specific arrangements and requirements, please consult the embassy or consulate in advance. Applicants must log on to the "Study in China" website ( to register and fill in the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form", select "Type A" for the scholarship category and enter the "Applying for College" column One volunteer chose "Renmin University of China".


2. Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students

The school has established the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for Foreign Students, which is issued in the form of tuition reduction or exemption for the first academic year. Among them, the full scholarship reduces the full tuition fee for the first academic year; the half scholarship reduces half the tuition fee for the first academic year. Applicants must submit scholarship applications in the application system at the stage of admission. The school will comprehensively evaluate the final scholarship results based on the assessments during the application process and publish them in the system.


(7) Medical insurance

According to relevant national regulations, international students must purchase comprehensive insurance for studying in China from insurance companies in mainland China during their studies. International students can buy it on-site on the day of registration or online in advance. For students who have not purchased the required insurance, the school will not process the enrollment procedures.


(8) Accommodation

The accommodation that our school can provide for international students includes single rooms and double rooms. For specific accommodation conditions and application requirements, please call +86-10-62516570 or email for consultation.


(9) Visa

Applicants who are eligible for admission should apply for an X1 visa to the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad with the admission notice and study visa application form (JW201/202 form) issued by our school, and apply to the school for an X1 visa within 30 days of arrival in China Converted into a residence permit for study.


(10) Contact information

Phone: 86-10-62512359 

Fax: 86-10-62515343


Address: Room 108, International Cultural Exchange Center, Renmin University of China, 59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100872

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