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Medical insurance

1. Insurance

According to the relevant regulations of the Chinese Education Department, international students must purchase comprehensive insurance for international students including at least accidental injury, hospitalization, and high medical insurance during their studies. For international students who enjoy government scholarships, the school will purchase insurance for them by relevant regulations; other students need to purchase insurance at their own expense. International students must purchase comprehensive insurance with maximum coverage of 510,000 yuan when registering. The insurance premium is 300 yuan for half a year and 600 yuan for the whole year. When purchasing insurance, you should ask the insurance company in detail how to use medical insurance in China and how to contact the designated medical institution. For international students without medical insurance, the school will not apply for registration.

The school will start the journal every semester to the stage (the specific time will be notified separately), and arrange for the Ping An Insurance Company of China to come to the school to purchase insurance for students. For students who miss the opportunity to organize the unified purchase, they can also log on to the website of Ping An Insurance Company of China to purchase online: www


2. Medical services:

The school hospital can provide medical services for everyone, and international students can go to the school hospital for medical treatment with their student ID and campus card. There are Haidian Hospital in Huangzhuang, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Xiyuan, and Peking University Third Hospital in the vicinity of the school.


(1) School hospital

operating hours:

Monday to Friday 8:00-11:30, 14:00-17:00

You can go to the emergency room for medical treatment on Saturdays, Sundays all day, and other times of the day.

You must have a referral form issued by the doctor of the school hospital for transfer to an off-campus hospital. It is also best to go to the emergency room of the school hospital to get a good referral form for emergency referrals; in case of emergency, you can go to the Haidian Hospital near the school for medical treatment, but the invoice must be included. Medical expenses can only be reimbursed if the emergency seal is stamped.

Address: Inside the Renmin University of China

Phone: 6251-1470


(2) Peking University Third Hospital

The Third Hospital of Peking University (referred to as the Third Hospital of Peking University) is a modern comprehensive tertiary A-class hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and preventive health care.

Address: No. 49, Huayuan North Road, Haidian District

Phone: 6201-7691


(3) Haidian Hospital

Beijing Haidian Hospital is a modern comprehensive second-class Class A hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, and prevention and protection.

Address: No. 29, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing (turn left at the east gate, north of the People's Congress Press)

Phone: 8261-9999

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