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Ordinary advanced students

1. Project Introduction

Ordinary advanced students can choose related majors from the undergraduate majors accepted by our school to study in China. The duration of advanced studies is from one semester to one academic year, and the weekly course selection is not less than 10 hours. After studying and passing the exam, you will get a certificate of completion.


2. Application conditions

Foreigners who are in the second year of university or above, are under the age of 50, and have a Chinese proficiency level of HSK 6 or above (if they do not take Chinese-taught courses, they can provide proof of English proficiency).


3. Registration time

For those who enroll in the spring (mid-to-late February to early July), registration time: October 1st to December 15th;

For students who enroll in the fall (early September-mid-January of the following year), registration time: March 1st-May 15th.


4. Application materials

1) Apply online through the website of the Office of International Students, and print the "Application Form for International Students of the Renmin University of China" generated by the system;

2) Original copy of university enrollment certificate or copy of university graduation certificate;

3) Original university academic transcripts;

4) A letter of recommendation from the university;

5) Copy of the first page of the passport

6) Those who are already in China must provide a copy of their visa;

7) Guarantee letter (can be downloaded from the website of the Liaison Office);

8) HSK level 6 certificate (if students choose to study Chinese-taught courses);

9) The registration fee is RMB 800 (once delivered, it will not be refunded);

10) 2 personal ID photos (2-inch photos).


5. Admission Arrangement

The International Students Office will conduct a qualification review after receiving the Application materials. Those who meet the requirements will issue the "Admission Notice", "Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China" (JW202 Form), and other admission materials by the admission requirements and work procedures.

Note: All Application materials and application fees are non-refundable.


6. Tuition fee (not including textbook fee)


Tuition fee standard

Law Academy

News Academy

International Relations Academy


Economic Academy

Finance Academy

13000 yuan / semester

Art Academy

15,000 yuan / semester

Other Academy

12000 yuan / semester


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