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Spring online teacher training was held

On March 13, at local time, the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki held the annual spring Chinese teacher training online.

More than a dozen Chinese teachers from Finland participated in this training. The theme of the training was "Distance Teaching and Guidance: Challenges, Best Practices, and Responses", and was lectured by Fanny Hedenborg, a professor of learning psychology from the University of Helsinki.



(Challenges faced by students in distance learning)


The global epidemic of new crown pneumonia has lasted for a year, bringing new opportunities and challenges to Chinese language teaching. During the epidemic, universities and many middle schools in Finland switched to “online teaching”.

In order to better adapt to the “epidemic era”, the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki also completed the transition from “traditional teaching” to “online teaching”. The smooth development of Chinese teaching. However, in the process of "online teaching", Chinese teachers have also encountered many problems and challenges.

To help teachers better solve these problems, especially psychological problems, the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki is open to all Chinese teachers in Finland. For this online training.

During the training, Fanny conducted an in-depth analysis on topics such as "students encountering problems in distance learning", "reflections on distance teaching for teachers" and "how to deal with the challenges brought by distance teaching", and explained in detail the corresponding responses, measures.

Fanny conducted an analysis of psychological activity from the perspectives of students and teachers, allowing teachers to have a deeper understanding of the source of problems in distance learning, and at the same time provided teachers with many practical suggestions.

For example: Communicate with students in many ways to understand their psychological dynamics, and at the same time strengthen the teacher's own psychological construction; activate the classroom and encourage students to speak actively; use the form of group discussions to give students more opportunities to speak, etc.




(Response measures-"traffic signal light" theory)


At the end of the training, teachers had a group discussion on a typical case encountered in "distance teaching".

The teachers used the "traffic signal light" theory to discuss a series of psychological problems encountered by the students in the case, and combined their own teaching experience, to sum up, reasonable countermeasures.

In addition, the teachers also conducted "brainstorming" and offered suggestions on common teaching problems encountered by everyone.



(Group discussion during training)


This Chinese teacher training event was welcomed by the participants, and the participating teachers expressed their hope to participate in more similar training activities and build a platform for frontline Chinese teachers to communicate and learn.

The Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki has always been committed to helping local Chinese teachers continuously improve their own quality and Chinese teaching level and will carry out more high-quality teacher training activities in the future.

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