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Hold the opening ceremony


South China Agricultural University Guangzhou Dublin International College of Life Science and Technology Founding Ceremony Site



Participating leaders and guests unveiled the college


On the morning of October 9, the inauguration ceremony of the South China Agricultural University Guangzhou Dublin International College of Life Sciences and Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Dublin International College") and the opening ceremony of the 2020 freshmen of the International Education College (Guangzhou Dublin International College) was held in Ding Ying Auditorium. President Liu Yahong and Director of the Exchange and Cooperation Office of the Provincial Department of Education Li Jinjun attended the inaugural meeting and delivered speeches. The President of the University of Dublin, Ireland Andrew Dix delivered a video speech to the meeting. The conference was presided over by Vice President Deng Yiqun.



Speech by President Liu Yahong


On behalf of the school, Liu Yahong expressed gratitude to the higher-level departments that have been caring about and supporting the construction of Guangzhou Dublin International College and expressed welcome and congratulations to the first batch of freshmen of Guangzhou Dublin International College. She introduced the deep cooperation foundation between South China Agricultural University and the University of Dublin, Ireland, and put forward three hopes on how to run the college: I hope that the construction of the college will always adhere to "high starting point, high standards, and high requirements", and strive to build the college into an agricultural and Life sciences is an international and innovative college with distinctive characteristics and advantages.


It is hoped that both parties will "work together, unite and cooperate for mutual benefit and win-win", take the establishment of the college as an opportunity, and take the cultivation of high-quality compound international talents as the guidance to drive scientific research. Cooperation, teacher introduction, platform co-construction, and discipline construction are further implemented and detailed, and the comprehensive competitiveness and international influence are continuously improved; I hope that the whole school "has one heart, forge ahead, pioneering and innovated", and give full play to the college’s international cooperation in running schools. Demonstration effect, unremitting efforts for the school to "strive for first-class" and build a world-class university with agricultural characteristics.


Li Jinjun said in his speech that the establishment of Guangzhou Dublin International College is one of the important achievements of our province to comprehensively promote the internationalization of education. It will be of positive significance for Guangdong to explore innovative cooperative school running and talent training models and enhance the internationalization of higher education.


He hoped that Huanong would develop the characteristics and level of the Guangzhou Dublin International College, add new momentum to the school's comprehensive promotion of "striving for the first-class" work and the construction of a world-class university with agricultural characteristics and cultivate a more innovative spirit, international vision, and society for Guangdong. Responsible high-quality compound talents.



Video speech by Andrew Dix, President of the University of Dublin, Ireland


Andrew Dicks expressed in the video speech that he hopes to use the two universities' professional strength in the fields of agriculture and food science to build the Guangzhou Dublin International College into an agricultural and food science center, and cultivate social influence in the fields of agriculture, food science, and related research. Powerful graduates. He congratulated the freshmen, "During your studies, both schools will send professors to teach you, and you will gain an international teaching experience."





International Education College (Guangzhou Dublin International College) held the opening ceremony for 2020 freshmen


After the unveiling ceremony, the School of International Education (Guangzhou Dublin International College) held the opening ceremony for the 2020 freshmen.

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