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Opening ceremony for new students of grade 2020



In October, the autumn breeze is cool. On the morning of October 9, the opening ceremony of the 2020 freshmen of the International Education College (Guangzhou Dublin International School of Life Science and Technology) was held in Ding Ying Auditorium. School Party Secretary Luo Jun, Dean Feng Lixin, Professor Hao Gang, faculty and staff, and English teacher representatives attended the ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Vice Dean Zhao Lihong.


Speech by Paul Fanning, Provost of Dublin International College, Guangzhou, Speech by Alex Evans, Dean of College of Agriculture, University of Dublin.


Paul Fanning , Dean of the College of International Life Sciences and Technology, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, and Alexander Evans, Dean of the College of Agriculture, University of Dublin, Ireland, addressed the conference in video format. They expressed their warm congratulations on the establishment of the Guangzhou Dublin International College and the arrival of the first freshmen. I sincerely thank the students and hope that the students can learn something on this global learning platform. The educational cooperation between the two schools will have a profound impact in the fields of agriculture, food, and life sciences in the future.



Congratulations video for Chang'an Dublin International School of Transportation


Chang'an Dublin International School of Transportation, which is also approved as a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution by the Ministry of Education this year, sent a congratulatory video to wish our school's Sino-foreign cooperative education business prosperous and do better!



Dean Feng Lixin delivered an opening speech


Dean Feng Lixin expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations on the arrival of the new students on behalf of all the teachers and students of the college. " Today you become a member of the college family. Since then, the college has been dependent on you and shared weal and woe. The college is a platform for your growth. , You are the forward force of the college. Feng Lixin emphasized that from the initial development of student exchange and joint training programs in the education international exchange and cooperation 1.0 era to this year’s approval of the Ministry of Education’s Sino-foreign cooperative education institution, our school’s international education has been Entering the 3.0 era.


As a witness and witness of the new era, Dean Feng Lixin put forward two hopes to the freshmen: 1. The new era calls for new responsibilities. We are fortunate to be in a new era, and we must be responsible for the new era. We must keep our original mission in mind and be brave enough to take responsibility. Cultivate and upgrade international literacy with the purpose of "worldview, nationality, and Chinese heart", and steadily inherit the future of the motherland in a major change unseen in a century.


2.The new era requires new actions. Students should strive to become ethical, knowledgeable, capable, and harmonious development of the whole person, master the relevant professional knowledge and skills, master multiple languages, be familiar with different cultures of the world, be familiar with international rules, and become a global vision and cross-cultural International talents with communication skills and ability to participate in international affairs and global competition.



Freshman representative Ma Yuanhao speaks


Ma Yuanhao from Class 1 of Class 2020 Biological Sciences at Dublin International College, Guangzhou, spoke on the stage on behalf of the freshmen. He said that he chose South China Agricultural University to become a dream chaser. He hopes to work with his classmates to promote the modernization of China's agriculture and rural areas through self-growth, and strive to become a new type of talent with an international perspective, who knows and loves agriculture; and he will be self-disciplined. Learn to carry out your university career and become an outstanding Chinese farmer!



Student representative Dong Leyuan made a speech


Dong Leyuan from the International Economics and Management Class 2 of the School of International Education 2019 delivered a speech as a representative of the students. She used the story of becoming an instructor, participating in the "Three Going to the Countryside" and taking care of her schoolwork seriously, encouraging freshmen to "love life, be firm in their goals, and keep themselves on the way forward, and have a four-year college youth with no regrets and no regrets.". She said emotionally, "I am proud of the college at this moment, and I will strive for the college to be proud of me many years later, and look forward to being proud of more outstanding you in the college in the future!"


Later, the twelve freshmen representatives put the letter paper filled with the class's vision for future development into the time capsule and waited to open it again when they graduated after four years.



Student representative fills in the time capsule


Finally, in the loud school singing of all the teachers and students, the opening ceremony of the 2020 freshmen of the International Education College (Guangzhou Dublin International School of Life Science and Technology) was successfully concluded.



Group photo of participants


It is reported that this year the International Education College has enrolled 171 new students in the two majors, including 90 finance majors and 81 business administration majors; Guangzhou Dublin International Life Science and Technology College recruited 164 new students, including 54 biological sciences, food quality and safety professional 55 people, 55 professional horticulture. In addition, 51 new international students (including 16 Chinese language students) were recruited from 32 countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Pakistan, and Nepal.

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