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Leaders visit overseas students during Spring Festival

On the morning of February 9th, Vice President Deng Yiqun led the Dean of the School of International Education Feng Lixin and other team members to visit and sympathize with the international students at the Spring Festival. On behalf of the school, he extended Chinese New Year blessings to the students and sent holiday visits.




Deng Yiqun and his entourage visited the duty room of the International Student Building, the gate guard of the dormitory, and the North and South Buildings of the International Student Dormitory. Wherever they went, the school leaders communicated cordially with the international students, learned in detail about their study and living conditions, fully affirmed their contributions to the school’s epidemic prevention and control work in the past year, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the students for their active cooperation. I hope that they will continue to support the development of the school, take an optimistic attitude to meet new opportunities and challenges, and wish the students a prosperous New Year and academic progress.




The international students expressed their gratitude to the school for their care and sentimental greetings to the school, all teachers, and students via video. Yu-Ting from Laos said: "There is no winter that is insurmountable, and there is no spring that will not come. I hope that the haze will clear up as soon as possible, and everyone will gather in Huang."




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