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Film viewing activities on women's Day

In March, the grass grows up and the warbler flies, and everything recovers. To celebrate the "March 8th" International Women's Day, on the afternoon of March 11th, the college trade union organized a movie-watching activity to celebrate the "March 8th", and collectively watched the feature film "A Thousand Hectares and Clear Blue Era" on the theme of comprehensive well-off. The union members of the college went to watch the movie together.


A few days ago, the National Poverty Alleviation Summary and Commendation Conference was held. General Secretary Xi Jinping solemnly declared: Through the joint efforts of the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups, at the important moment of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, my country has achieved a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty. General Secretary Xi Jinping said in his speech: "The majority of poverty alleviation cadres have climbed the highest mountains, walked the most dangerous roads, visited the most remote villages, lived in the poorest houses, and wherever they need it, they fight wherever they are." "Green my trickle, it will be clear and blue" is the last sentence in the words "Nian Nujiao: Remembrance of Jiao Yulu" by General Secretary Xi Jinping. The film is also based on this title, implying the earth-shaking changes brought about by the great battle of poverty alleviation in the new era. By telling the story of Lankao’s poverty alleviation, the film reflects the great era in which the world’s largest population can get rid of poverty under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and reflects the joys, sorrows, sorrows, and joys of tens of thousands of cadres at all levels struggling in the front line of poverty alleviation. Harmony with family and country. After watching the movie, the teachers said: "I am very moved and inspired."


Finally, the college sent holiday blessings and gifts to all female faculty and staff and thanked all female faculty and staff for their due contributions to the development of the college.



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