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SCNU sports day wrap up and awards

The opening ceremony of SCNU's annual sports meeting was held on Friday on the sports ground on the west side of the Shipai campus. This year, the theme of the sports meeting was: "SCNUers go strengthening, through sports and in the sunlight." 1,258 athletes from 29 schools and institutes competed in 21 sports events in the two-day event.




The opening ceremony of the annual sports meeting is held at the Shipai campus.


The sports meeting included various track and field events such as sprinting, long-distance run, high jump, long jump, shot put as well as team competitions which enabled the participants to improve teamwork while exercising body and mind. The games were broadcast by live streaming to nearly 2 million viewers via the social media platform, many of whom actively shared ideas on healthy living during the Livestream.


Opening ceremony

The sports meeting was officially opened with music, and representatives of each school and institute performing the gymnastic dance We Are All Dream Chasers as a team. The performance included vigorous motions such as swirling, jumping, and clapping hands, a truly lively spectacle. Drumbeats underscored their enthusiasm, the melody signaling freshness in youth, and the rhythm of dance steps suggested vitalizing energy. Students took each other's hands and made a circle symbolizing fraternal unity in anticipation of working together. All of these movements represent the confidence of SCNUers, the cherishing of time, and chasing after our dreams.



Dance performance: We Are All Dream Chasers



Group gymnastics performed at the opening ceremony


After the performance, all participants did the Chinese traditional exercise "eight steps to healthy living" or Ba Duan Jin, a form of qigong, together as a warm-up and to get ready for the sports events.



All participants do the Chinese traditional exercise "eight steps to healthy living" or Ba Duan Jin



Ba Duan Jin: eight steps to healthy living



Teachers are doing the Ba Duan Jin


Huang Zhaotuan, the deputy secretary of the party committee addressed all the participants at the opening ceremony. He said that exercising is the most economical and effective way to prevent disease and raise our physical fitness during the pandemic. He also pointed out the fruitful accomplishments of the school's sporting career and encouraged all staff and students to keep valiantly struggling, rising, and unifying with each other.



Huang Zhaotuan makes a speech at the opening


President Wang Enke declared the opening of the school sports meeting officially. As the whistle sounded, teachers and staff of each college joined the run following the flag-bearer jogging around the campus accompanied by passionate music.



President Wang Enke fires a shot to declare the opening of the sports games


"Not tired, very relaxed!" After jogging around the campus, Huang Haiyan, a teacher at the College of Continuing Education expressed his excitement. His ease and self-confidence come from his long-term love and persistence in sports. "I run every day at the sports field, and I will ride a bicycle on the campus from time to time." He said that during the epidemic, no one should go without exercise, and jogging around the campus can let teachers and staff re-engage in outdoor sports.



Teacher Huang Haiyan finishes his jogging around the campus



Teachers participate in jogging around the campus


Fun Games

As a tradition, fun games were held for all faculty members along with the sports meeting. This year was no exception. After the opening ceremony, the fun games for teachers and staff began.


There were six collective competitions in these fun games. All trade union members of our school could sign up for the fun games.



Aerial photograph of the fun games


Cui Zhaohui, a teacher from the School of Computer Science, participated in the "New High" project of the fun games. She and her colleagues made concerted efforts to assemble eight square boxes with square mats, which were stacked eight stories high and completed the competition. " I gained 90 points," said Cui Zhaohui, very satisfied with her performance. Cui Zhaohui and her colleagues also participated in the warm-up activities of Ba Duan Jin and jogging around the campus. She noted that the activities during the opening ceremony not only let everyone relax and create memorable impressions but also made the group closer.



Cui Zhaohui participates in one of the game events "New High"


Many foreign teachers from SCNU also participated in the fun games.


Laurens T. de Haan from the Netherlands has been teaching at SCNU as a professor at the Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics for six years. Having been asked about the most impressive activity during the opening ceremony, he picked out the traditional Chinese body exercise, the Ba Duan Jin. 


"It is interesting to follow the others' steps to complete various motions," he added. In addition, he said he thought the games were not that hard, but full of fun, saying that participation is more important than winning or rank.



Laurens Theobald de Haan enjoys the fun games



Group photo of Laurens Theobald de Haan and his colleagues


Nadeem Akhtar, a teacher from Pakistan, teaches Journalism and Communication at the School of Urban Culture on the Nanhai campus. This is his first time joining the school's sports meeting. "I love it for it not only brings together teachers and students like a real SCNU family but also encourages us to stay fit," he said.



Nadeem Akhtar joins the fun games for the first time


David, a teacher teaching French, told us with enthusiasm that the sports meeting gives staff a chance to have fun with colleagues through exciting sports activities. He especially loved the activity called 'Rolling and Moving Forward'. "You have to speed up a little every time you take one stick out and put it front so that the equipment and people can roll and move forward stably and quickly at the same time. Tiring as it was, it was fun!"



David is enthusiastic about the fun games


Kevin, a teacher from the Nanhai campus, joined the "New High" game. "Although it is tiring for someone to stand on my shoulders to stack the boxes up," he said, "I feel happy because I can come over from the campus in Nanhai and make new friends from different colleges on the Shipai campus, here."



Kevin makes new friends at the games



There were 17 individual and 4 team sports events during the two-day sports meeting. The individual sports events consisted of 10 track events such as 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1,500m, 3,000m,5,000m, 100-meter hurdles, 110-meter hurdles,400-meter hurdles, and 7 field events such as high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, discus, shot-put and hammer throw. Team events included the 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay,  50m face-to-face relay, and the 10-person long jump relay. Hurdles competitions were only open to participants from the sports academy group. 


Here are the results and recipients of the awards:


Total score ranking of schools and colleges



The colleges and schools are prized with Ethic awards.



First-place recipients for each field competition.



First-place recipients for each track competition.


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