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Hold a Chinese English competition

The history of the Party, the history of New China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development are compulsory courses for every member of the Communist Youth League. Focusing on the study of the "Four History", the Youth League Branch of the Class 6 English Class of 2018 of the School of Foreign Languages applied for the Sichuan University Grassroots Youth League Branch Construction and Development Fund and was selected as a key project by the Youth League Committee. In November 2020, the branch held the "Chinese-English Translation of Red Literature" competition of "Translating and Translating Brilliantly, Written by Writing".


Recently, the branch conducts publicity activities online and offline. When propagating in Youth Square, every student actively distributed flyers, took the initiative to publicize and introduce the process and significance of this activity to fellow students, and encourage students from other colleges to participate in the audition.




As of November 24, the total number of applicants was 187, and the number of submitted works was 135. After screening, 52 students entered the finals. From 19:30 to 21:00 on November 27, the translation finals went smoothly in Room 303, Building C, Comprehensive Building, Jiang'an Campus, Sichuan University. In the end, 9 students came to the fore.


At 13:00 on December 4th, the award ceremony was held in the activity room of the 12th building in Xiyuan, Jiang'an campus. Teachers Du Changguo, Luo Jin, and Xia Xinxin from the School of Foreign Languages, as well as 2019 postgraduate students in translation, Liang Singing, and Yu Shiying, presented certificates and prizes to the winners as senior guests.




"Translating and translating is brilliant, writing is glorious"-The Red Literature Chinese-English Translation Competition is a translation competition set up by the Youth League Committee of the School of Foreign Languages for all students of Sichuan University. It provides a platform for students to combine foreign languages and the "Four History" to learn and display, Which not only allows students to better understand the "Four History", enhances the sense of identity and belonging to the country, but also enhances the students' enthusiasm for English learning.


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