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Master’s degree

1. Qualification of Applicant

1.1 Non-Chinese citizens aged from 18 to 40 years old, who are physically healthy and hold a valid ordinary foreign passport.

1.2 For applicants who were Chinese citizens and became foreign citizens, the Notice of the Ministry of Education on Regulating Work Related to the Acceptance of Foreign Students by Domestic Colleges and Universities (JWH [2020] No. 12) will apply.

1.3 Educational requirements: Bachelor's degree or above.

Note: If any applicant is a student at school, the applicant must provide a pre-graduation certificate issued by his/her school. Any student who applies for admission by a pre-graduation certification must present the original pre-graduation certificate when registering at our school. Otherwise, the student will lose his/her admission qualification. 


2. Application Materials

Category of students admitted



College and majors

Length of schooling



Language requirements

Application materials

Majors taught in Chinese

Majors taught in English

Master   Degree Candidates

Refer to master degree curriculum structure (taught in Chinese and English)


2-3 years





180 grades or more for HSK4   or other equivalent certificates of Chinese proficiency accepted by the   University;


 Applicants whose   highest degree courses are taught in Chinese are exempted from submitting HSK   Certificate, but shall provide a certification proving the language of   teaching;


Applicants who are native   English speakers are exempted from submitting the certificate of English   language;

Applicants who are   non-native English speakers shall submit TOEFL (iBT) score (≥80)/IELTS score   (≥6) or other equivalent certificates of English proficiency as English   language ability proofs (for English majors);


Applicants who are   non-native English speakers and whose highest degree courses are taught in   English are exempted from submitting TOEFL score /IELTS score, but shall   provide a certification proving the language of teaching;


Copy of passport;


Undergraduate graduation   certificate or pre-graduation certificate;


Transcripts learned at the undergraduate level;


Two English/Chinese   recommendation letters from associate professor or above;


English/Chinese learning and research   plans (applicants for programs taught in English must write their own   learning plan in English; the learning plan must include the following:   personal introduction, the reason for application, knowledge about the   targeted major, the future learning plan, etc.);


 The table of contents and the summary of any academic   paper written or published by the applicant (if not, not required);


Language certificate;


Foreigner's physical   examination form (physical examination shall be completed within 6 months   before submission of application);


Proof of financial support   (bank deposit, etc.), which is not required if you've obtained any   scholarship from the Chinese government;


Certificate of employment   (if any, required to be submitted);


Honor & award certificates or other supporting materials.






1. Applicants must ensure that their own application materials are all verifiable and accurate. All the application materials must be uploaded in the form of an electronic scan. In cases of materials in languages other than Chinese and English, the official Chinese or English translation must be attached with all of the documents.

2. Any incomplete applicant ion, material r   documents will not be accepted. If necessary, the applicant will be required to submit supplementary materials.


3.Tuition Standards

Category of students   admitted

Category of majors

Language of teaching




Annual tuition standard


Master degree candidates

Liberal arts, economics,   and management

All (other than MBA)



Science and engineering







Pharmacy / public health


Clinical medicine




Arts and sports














IMEM(Master of International Engineering   Management)



About the tuition standards, general scholars should refer to undergraduates, senior scholars should follow postgraduate students, research scholars should refer to Ph.D. students.


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