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Football brother's poverty alleviation story

After deciding to go to Ganluo, many people asked me: "Why do you still go to support education?" I smiled and replied, "In fact, there are not so many whys. If there are, it is probably an inseparable concern. They guide Please tell me that there are things that must be done. Maybe I have to abandon some things, maybe I have to say goodbye to my current life temporarily, but so what? The children in the Kindergarten in Sijue Town Center need me."




On February 28, 2021, with the blessings and expectations of school leaders and colleagues, I once again set foot on the familiar land of Sigue. It's been a year since I went to the kindergarten in Sijue Town Center for the first time. The bits and pieces in my first teaching life are still fresh in my memory. Compared with the first time of anxiety and anxiety, now it is more of anticipation and peace of mind. Looking forward to what Sijue looks like in summer, looking forward to the laughter of the children, looking forward to discovering their growth and changes this year. I believe that only when there is love, there will be expectations.


After driving for seven hours, I passed by mountains that seemed to be familiar to me and saw familiar and beautiful scenery. It was evening when I arrived in town. Si felt that the night was quiet and peaceful. It was like a child sleeping peacefully in the arms of Dashan's mother. When I came to my residence and cleaned up the room, the fatigue on the road made me feel sleepy, but the familiar place in front of me made me calm and firm. Although the road to support education will be a bit difficult, but because my heart is holding the children, so I Suddenly became energetic. The night in the towns and villages outside the window is no longer pitch black, but is storing power, and moving towards hope and light together!


Early the next morning, I came to the kindergarten. A large wave of children rushed to me, shouting: "Football brother, football brother..." The enthusiastic teachers also came around and greeted me with concern. This semester I am mainly responsible for the physical education and distance teaching activities of the middle and high school classes. Today it happened that teachers and students from the Art College of Sichuan University came to the kindergarten to promote poverty alleviation work. As a supporting teacher, I introduced them to the kindergarten for the past two years. And assisted them to record the first remote teaching activity in the new semester, “Look at each other across the screen, connect with hearts”. The children from Class 7 of Sichuan University’s First Junior High School and the children from the first class of Sijue Town Kindergarten are online again. Interaction, the first flag-raising ceremony, the first big class children’s physical education activity "Stepping on Cockroaches". Those beautiful moments and happy smiles are frozen in the camera!






Today's Sigue Center Kindergarten has changed a lot from a year ago. With the support of education from Sichuan University and the Department of Logistics Support, the kindergarten's hardware facilities and software capabilities have undergone tremendous changes. Entering the campus from the gate, you will see a brand-new teaching building and a spacious playground; on the right side of the teaching building is a bright and clean canteen. Every day at noon, the aunt in the canteen will provide the children with hot and nutritious meals; at the same time, the playground is laid. The lawn is the children’s favorite place, and large toys and various sports equipment are also distributed in the playground to meet the needs of children’s outdoor activities; in addition, each classroom is equipped with multimedia teaching equipment and to solve the problem of children’s drinking water And equipped with filtered water dispenser. The improvement of these infrastructures has laid a solid foundation for the development of kindergartens. At the same time, the three kindergartens of Sichuan University send excellent teachers to the central kindergarten in Sijue Town to help the poor through education and contribute to the improvement of the kindergarten's soft power. Finally, as a support teacher, we have professionally guided and demonstrated local teachers in various aspects such as environmental creation, activity organization, and teaching methods, hoping to continuously improve the teachers’ ideological understanding, teaching level, and professional ability, and help Ganluo Education to get rid of poverty Tackling tough issues and contributing to future development.






As a mountain support teacher with a heavy responsibility, I will put my best effort into not being afraid of hardship and tiredness, and sharing all kinds of knowledge with the children in the depths of the mountains as much as possible to broaden their horizons and horizons.


As the song sings, "My future is not a dream, I take every minute seriously..." I believe that if a person has perseverance, he can turn the miracle in the lyrics into reality, and I am also committed to this greatness. The true dream of supporting education will surely fulfill the mission, no matter how far away, insist on reaching!



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