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Sino American cultural credit student program scholarship

The special scholarships provided by China Scholarship Council for American students are intended to attract more excellent American students to study and pursue further education in China.


1. Scholarship Program’s Requirements and Implementation

The Sino-US Cultural Credits Students’ Program Scholarships are established to support the official intercollegiate exchange programs between our university and American universities, which have signed an intercollegiate exchange agreement on this program. Under this agreement, the universities of the other parties acknowledge the credits acquired by their students after study in Chinese universities.

Sichuan University will proceed with the program application according to the requirements in China Scholarship Council’s notice related, and the program’s annual allowance category, duration, quota, and implementation scheme are subject to the approval of the China Scholarship Council. The allowance criterion is CNY 2500/month, while the tuition, accommodation fees, medical insurance, and international traveling expenses, and so on will be treated according to the exchange agreement between the two universities.


2. Application Procedures and Materials

The students enrolled and registered at the SCU as intercollegiate exchange students shall submit the following materials to the Overseas Student Office within five working days:

2.1 Application Form for Chinese Government’s Scholarship;

2.2 Copy of passport:

The Overseas Student Office will review students’ materials. Upon approval, students should submit the receipt of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to the Office, and go through the procedures like scholarship student’s enrollment & registration and scholarship grant.


3. Attention

According to the regulations of the China Scholarship Council, each student can only apply for one scholarship program in China. After applying for Cultural Credits Students’ Program as an intercollegiate exchange student, the student is not allowed to apply for any other scholarship program. In case two or more scholarship programs have been approved, only one scholarship program’s admission qualification can be reserved, and the others will be canceled.


4. Contact

Tel: 0086-28-85407199/5773

Fax: 0086-28-85462992


Dept: Overseas Student Office, Sichuan University

Address: No.24, South Section 1, Yihuan Rd., Chengdu, China

Zipcode: 610065

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