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"Reading star" award ceremony held

On the afternoon of April 21, as the "4.23" World Book Day is approaching, the 2021 Sichuan University "Reading Star" award ceremony was held at the Mingyuan Forum of Sichuan University Library.


The Sichuan University Education Foundation has funded the establishment of the "Reading Star" Fund of Sichuan University, which aims to encourage students to love to read, read good books, and be good at reading, to demonstrate the excellent style of study of Sichuan University, and to promote the construction of the University of Science and Technology. The event was co-sponsored by the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee of Sichuan University, the Graduate Student Affairs Department, the Education Foundation, and the Library. Chen Huaming, Director of the Graduate Work Department of Sichuan University, Lu Li, Deputy Director of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee, Wei Yu, Director of the Educational Television Station of the Party Committee Propaganda Department, Jia Xiu'e, Deputy Secretary-General of the Education Foundation, and Dang Yuewu, Director of the Library, were awarded the "Reading Star" of Sichuan University "10 students awarded certificates. Each winning student will receive a prize of 5,000 yuan.



2021 Sichuan University "Reading Star" Award Ceremony


This year, the "Reading Stars" of Sichuan University was selected according to the selection criteria, and after preliminary evaluations, recommendations, and evaluation by the review committee of the colleges, 10 outstanding "Reading Stars" finally came to the fore. They all love reading, and actively use the library’s rich collections to improve themselves and radiate others, to help and enhance the good reading culture atmosphere of the campus, and play a good guide to practicing the core values of socialism, promoting reading culture, and building a book Kagawa University. And demonstration role. They either read and actively preach Marxist classics, which have a relatively wide influence both inside and outside the school; or they take books for fun, combine learning and thinking, make good use of the library in the learning process, and have outstanding academic performance; or love to read and read. Good books, good reading, and various forms such as book clubs, encourage more students to like reading and in-depth reading, which has a wide range of influences both inside and outside the school.


Among them, Zhao Yifan from West China College of Stomatology not only ranked first in his 4-year professional total score but also won a national scholarship for 3 consecutive years. He published 2 SCI papers for his independent work. He also won the first prize in the Sichuan University Challenge Cup Chinese Knowledge Contest and was nominated for CCTV China. Poetry Conference 100 people group; Wu Jiaqi from the School of Electrical Engineering won the National Scholarship, National Inspirational Scholarship, Sichuan Outstanding Graduates and other honors; Cheng Longhao from Wu Yuzhang College won the National Scholarship, National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, Sichuan University First Prize Sichuan University Comprehensive first-class scholarship; Lin Zhangyu from West China Medical College has published 4 SCI papers, organized 17 reading sessions, and team members have published more than 30 papers; Li Yang from the School of Literature and Journalism won the National Postgraduate Scholarship, Sichuan University Outstanding graduates and other honors; Li Jia from the School of Law won the Sichuan University Outstanding Postgraduate, Sichuan University Comprehensive First-Class Scholarship, and other honors; Chen Shanshan from the School of Life Sciences won the Second Prize of the National College English Contest and the Sichuan University Comprehensive Second-Class Scholarship; from Jiang Yiliang from the School of Public Administration, ranked first in his major for three consecutive years, won the national scholarship and the title of "Outstanding Graduate of Sichuan Province"; Yu Fengxi from the School of Computer Science has successfully won the gold medal in the International Genetic Engineering Machine Design Competition for two consecutive years; from Zhou Zhou of the School of Art won the "Chinese Characters·Calligraphy Forum Excellent Paper Award", "University Calligraphy" 2020 "Top Ten Academic Awards", the first prize of the Ninth Sichuan University Student Art Exhibition, and the first prize of the Sichuan University Graduate Scholarship .



Zhao Yifan from West China School of Stomatology speaks on behalf of Sichuan University "Reading Star" in 2021


Afterward, Zhao Yifan from West China School of Stomatology gave a speech as the representative of the "Reading Star" of Sichuan University. In her speech, she said that as a medical student, on the road to professional improvement, the library is her mentor and helpful friend, allowing her to learn "how to deep learning"; at the same time, the library is a great help for her scientific research. In addition to professionalism, reading has expanded the breadth of her life. Finally, she proposed to all students of Sichuan University: Let us read together, think together, study in-depth together, and experience the joy of acquiring knowledge together; let us fully discover the treasures of the library, be a knowledge nugget, and a bookstore. Voyager. Science is ever-changing, and it is a source; be loyal to what you have learned and continue to study.


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