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The appointment ceremony was held

On April 21, the appointment ceremony of the Assistant Director of the Sichuan University Library was held at the Mingyuan Forum of the Libraries of Arts and Sciences.



Appointment Ceremony of Assistant Director of Sichuan University Library


The Sichuan University Library has set up an assistant to the dean of students, aiming to give full play to the active role of students in the construction of library resources, document services, knowledge services, reading promotion, etc., and to further give full play to the students’ role in contacting the library with various colleges, units, and the general public. The role of a bridge between students helps the construction of a first-class university library. The Sichuan University Library has hired 5 students as assistants to the student librarian. Chen Minghui, secretary of the party committee of the library, and Dang Yuewu, the curator, issued letters of appointment to the assistants.



Chen Yuan, School of Literature and Journalism, made a speech on behalf of the assistant dean of the library of Sichuan University


Chen Yuan from the School of Literature and Journalism made a speech as the assistant representative of the student curator. She said: Sichuan University Library, as an important service education practice base for the school, has built a "volunteer + work-study" student management service team. After more than ten years of exploration and practice, it has established a perfect service education. System and base. As the assistant to the student librarian, she will be more actively involved in the management and service of the library, continue to build a bridge between the library and teachers and students, and work with the library teachers to build a better Sichuan University Library. Hard work.

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