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Hold "Chinese and foreign culture sharing day"

On the afternoon of April 18, 2021, the first "Chinese and Foreign Culture Sharing Day" event was successfully held in the C15 International Student Apartment on the University City campus. More than 30 Chinese and foreign students and teachers from various colleges participated in the event.



International students introduce Salvarado


SOMOZA VIANA EDUARDO JOSE, an international student from El Salvador, showed everyone the beautiful scenery of El Salvador, appetizing food, interesting traditional culture and costumes through PPT, which made the Chinese and foreign students present.



Chinese students introduce Anhui


Hu Cun from China introduced the traditional culture of Anhui Province in China. Her explanation was carried out by a fascinating video, and the beautiful scenery, architecture, customs and culture of Anhui Province were presented to the students intuitively. The magnificent Huangshan Mountains, the quaint Huizhou architecture, the unique Huizhou merchant culture and the development of Anhui in the new era have given international students a deeper and comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture and geography.



Food Sharing


The two students also carefully prepared local traditional cuisine for this event. Student Ye Chengbin made Pupusa, a traditional Salvadoran delicacy. The burnt yellow crust of corn flour was wrapped with soft cheese and crispy chicken, and it was served with sweet and sour cabbage and tomato sauce. After tasting, the students praised it. Hu Cun also brewed Anhui Huoshan yellow tea for everyone to taste. The tea was yellow and bright, and the tea was clear and exuding a hint of fragrance. Many students were reluctant to drink it and wanted to take it back and taste it slowly.


Exotic cuisine is paired with traditional Chinese tea. It has a unique flavor. There are conflicts of different tastes and harmony with each other. Just like the cultures of the two countries, there are differences, but they also coexist harmoniously in mutual exchanges and learning.



group photo


This "Chinese and Foreign Culture Sharing Day" event is the first event in a series of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges elaborately created by the International Education Institute and the Student Affairs Office. By building an exchange platform, Chinese and foreign students can show their own culture to each other, so as to promote exchanges between Chinese and foreign students and learn from each other. The international students of the School of International Education come from more than 130 countries around the world with different cultures. In the future, the school will also cooperate with relevant departments and colleges to carry out more similar activities to inject more international elements and diverse cultures into creating an international campus atmosphere. 


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