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Outpatient visit

1. Registered

1.1 Those who enjoy public medical treatment from South China University of Technology should register with the public medical certificate, and those without the above-mentioned certificate or card should register their own account. The person seeking medical treatment shall go to the corresponding department for treatment with the number slip and the medical record at public expense or the medical record at his own expense.

1.2 Retire: If you have not seen a doctor, the registration procedures are complete, and you can retreat at the registration room on the same day.

1.3 Emergency and severe patients can go directly to the emergency department for treatment, and then go through relevant procedures.

1.4 Outpatient time:

8 am to 12 am, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

The evening emergency room starts at 5:30 pm to 8 am the next morning.

Emergency on Saturdays and Sundays (see emergency department)

1.5 Expert outpatient consultation time: see the registration hall table or the campus network school hospital website.


2. Department visits

2.1 Please put the medical records on the desk of the treatment department in order, wait on the waiting chair, and enter the consultation room according to the doctor's arrangement.

2.2 In order to maintain a good medical environment and order, please do not make noise in the consulting room. At the same time, to protect the privacy of others, please do not wait in the consulting room.


3. Payment

3.1 Outpatient visit patients' prescriptions, check-up sheets, treatment sheets, etc. must be transported to the machine at the toll office and paid according to regulations.

3.2 For B-ultrasound, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, dynamic electrocardiogram, ambulatory blood pressure, electroencephalogram, etc, you must first pay the fee at the toll office and then make an appointment in the corresponding department. Stomatological patients pay the fees at the toll office after setting the price in the dentistry department.

Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions (decocting pieces decoction) shall be paid at the toll office.

3.3 When you pay the fee, the toll collector issues a receipt to you, please count the money in person, and you will be responsible for it after you leave the window.


4. Take medicine

4.1 All outpatient prescriptions issued in this hospital must be paid at the charging office first, and the medicines can be taken after the price is charged.

4.2 Western medicines, Chinese patent medicines are taken at western pharmacies, and Chinese herbal medicines are taken at Chinese pharmacies. After receiving the prescription, the pharmacist must check the prescription with the name and dosage of the medicine displayed on the computer before distributing the medicine.

4.3 The medicine cannot be returned or exchanged after it is prepared correctly. Only in the case of an allergy to a certain injection drug, the doctor will issue a drug withdrawal prescription, and the drug can be returned and refunded after the pharmacy department verifies it.


5. Matters needing attention

5.1 Be civilized and polite. Do not smoke or make loud noises in the outpatient building.

5.2 Please pay attention to non-slip when it rains and cleans the ground.

5.3 Please park your vehicle in the prescribed place and keep your personal belongings.

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