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Psychological counseling

The Mental Health Education and Counseling Center is a sub-divisional unit directly under the school responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate mental health education and counseling. It is affiliated to the student work department (office) and is responsible for the whole school’s undergraduate and postgraduate mental health education, teaching and research, psychological counseling and Crisis intervention work.


[Center History]

South China University of Technology is one of the first universities to carry out mental health education and counseling for college students. In May 2002, on the basis of integrating the original "Psychological counseling center" and "Health Education Teaching and Research Section", our school formally established the South China University of Technology Mental Health Counseling and Education Center, which is responsible for the mental health counseling and education of students at school. academy of Marxism. In recent years, the center has repeatedly won the titles of "National Advanced Unit of Mental Health Education for College Students" and "Advanced Collective of Mental Health Education and Counseling for Colleges and Universities in Guangdong Province". In September 2016, in order to better serve the majority of students, the school changed the name of the center to the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, which is linked to the Student Affairs Department (office).


[Work Purpose]

With the great attention and strong support of the school, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center focuses on the school's central tasks and strives to build a large mental health education platform that integrates education, consultation, research, and supervision. In the long-term mental health education and consulting practice, the center has gradually formed a "four-in-one" work model with the characteristics of South China University of Technology (teaching as the "base", consulting as the "core", and equipment as the "auxiliary" , With "joint force" as "assistance"). Through the above mechanism, the center strives to achieve the mission of "focusing on student developmental consultation, strengthening preventive education and crisis intervention, and promoting the continuous improvement of the mental health of our school students".


[Central Responsibilities]

Based on the work purpose of the center, the responsibilities of the department are summarized as follows:
1. Establish mental health education courses to improve the mental health awareness and psychological adjustment ability of school students.

2. Organize school-wide mental health activities and assist the college's secondary mental education workstation to carry out mental health education activities.

3. Provide Psychological counseling services, including individual consultation, group consultation, telephone consultation and online consultation, and provide professional psychological support and assistance to full-time college students in school.

4. Carry out the mental health survey and return visits of freshmen, establish psychological files, and improve the psychological crisis early warning system.

5. Provide psychological measurement and psychological evaluation services to help students form correct self-evaluation.

6. Responsible for the management of the school's psychological website construction, psychological journals, etc., and publicize psychological knowledge.


[Operating mode]

The "Ten Ones" project of the center's daily work (an integrated Psychological counseling network, a professional psychological evaluation system, a rigorous and scientific mental health file, a wonderful special newspaper, a special topic to relieve the heart Website, an energetic psychological society, a general education course group highlighting the characteristics of "heart education", a series of popular science lectures about "heart" communication, a youth interactive "5.25" mental health activity month, and a rooted organization at the grassroots level The Mental Health Education and Intervention System of the People’s Republic of China) serves as a booster to strengthen and do the work of mental health education and counseling.


[Professional equipment]

The center conducts mental health education and counseling work on the Wushan campus and the University Town campus of our school. Each campus has been equipped with functional rooms such as counseling room, evaluation room, and reference room. The environment is elegant, clean and comfortable. The center is also equipped with professional psychological assessment software, psychological file management system, group psychological counseling package, and psychological counseling equipment such as "sand table", "hypnosis", "painting", "relaxation" and "decompression" to help our school's mental health The smooth development of education and consulting work provided strong support.


[Team building]

The center relies on the construction of two-level talents in colleges and universities, and continuously improves the professionalization of the consulting level and the specialization of the consulting team. The center currently has 11 full-time teachers and related staff (including 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 5 lecturers, 2 teachers, and 1 administrative staff. 5 teachers have a doctoral degree.), responsible for the daily life of the students Mental health education and counseling work.



At present, the teachers of the center offer "Mental Health Education for College Students", "Introduction to Psychology", "Modern Psychology", "Psychology and Life", "Psychological Science", "Social Psychology", "Educational Psychology", "Management Psychology, "Design Psychology", "Personnel Psychology", "Criminal Psychology", "Interpersonal Psychology", "Peer Psychological Counseling" and more than a dozen general elective courses in psychology, in order to improve students Psychological quality has laid a good foundation for promoting the healthy growth of students.

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