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Carry out the month activity of teachers' ethics construction

In order to further strengthen the construction of teacher ethics and style, according to the unified deployment arrangements of the school, on the afternoon of December 30th, our school launched the theme construction month of teacher ethics and style construction. There are good teachers". The preaching activity was led by Vice President Hu Guiping. The faculty and staff of the school participated in this theme construction month activity.


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Vice Dean Hu Guiping organized the faculty and staff of the college to study the contents of "Lecture Notes on Important Education of General Secretary Xi Jinping" and "Xi Jinping on State Administration". At the same time, all faculty and staff downloaded and studied the "Handbook of Teacher Ethics and Style of the South China University of Technology", and discussed the contents of the manual based on the actual work of the school.


The leaders of the college require all faculty members to familiarize themselves with the content of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and the school’s teacher ethics manual and be a good teacher satisfied with the party and the people with ideas and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and a benevolent heart. Take the negative list of teacher's anomie behavior as a warning, strengthen the construction of teacher's morality and style, and improve the education level of studying in China.


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