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Hold the first observation Seminar

To demonstrate further develop outstanding teachers leading role in strengthening teachers' professional development, and effectively promote our school building a high-level team of teachers, especially young teachers to improve the professional level of the International Institute of Education on April 13 organized a first The first activity of "Hundred Excellent Courses" Teaching Observation. Professor Wang Qihe, the deputy dean of the college, the person in charge of the national first-class undergraduate professional construction site, and the school-level teaching teacher, showed a wonderful ancient Chinese lesson to the teachers and students present. School teaching Steering Committee, Professor Ma Junying, Dean of the Faculty Professor Mamao Xiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee Sun Chi, a history professor teaching supervision Jie, Chinese international Zheng Cui, director of the Department of Education and the School of dozen young teachers to participate in this event.


Taught at the beginning, its king and teachers with the latest 2020 census data ranking the top five names will change as a teaching ancient and modern surnames starting point, and now by the ancient, ancient times, step by step, wonderful vivid language to guide students into the ancient and surname The world of name arouses students' interest in learning the content of the course. From the teaching PPT design to the clear presentation on the blackboard, and to the exquisite explanation, Mr. Wang quoted classics and explained them in a simple way. The ancient poems and essays are easy to come by, which is like a spring breeze. At the same time, Wang's teaching content of the ideological and political content will be a fine traditional culture of ancient and modern nature into the classroom, fully inspire students thinking, active classroom atmosphere, classroom and achieved good results.


After the demonstration class, this time around, "Prozac class" teaching to observe the class, participants supervisors and teachers were teaching demonstration workshop. The meeting was chaired by Director Zheng Cui of the Department of Chinese International Education. First, Dean of the School Professor Ma Maoxiang a warm welcome to Professor Ma Junying attended the demonstration activities of teaching, and teachers for their king, "the first show," the leading example of the significance of this observation activity of fully affirmed, emphasizing the school's first The focus of "Hundred Excellent Class " is to give play to the role of excellent teachers as an example and role model. It is hoped that young teachers and various teaching and research sections will cherish this learning opportunity, through the exchange of experience, combined with the college’s cross-cultural communication requirements and the reality of international Chinese teaching, their understanding, and spirit of the document starting school, to solve encountered in the teaching method problems and puzzles, to better promote the teaching. Afterward, the young teachers participating in the activities of the academy exchanged views on Teacher Wang's ancient Chinese class. Everyone deeply realized the profound knowledge and high-level teaching ability of the famous teaching teachers. They all expressed that they have benefited a lot. They asked Mr. Wang for teaching methods, teaching experience and skills, and carried out lesson preparation, PPT content, teaching plan design, and other aspects. In-depth discussion and communication. Teacher Wang had a heart-to-heart talk with young teachers based on teaching content and teaching experience.


The school’s teaching supervisor, Professor Ma Junying, spoke highly of Wang Qihe’s ancient Chinese lessons and pointed out that the college’s "100 Excellent Lessons" teaching observation activity is of great significance and value. Professor Ma Junying first talked about the great gains from participating in this observation activity. The college attaches great importance to it, and earnestly organizes young teachers to observe learning, exchange experiences, and carry out discussions. It has achieved the effect of the "100 Excellent Courses" teaching observation activity, which is helpful to promote teaching and guide teaching. , Improving teaching has played a very good role.

Later, Professor Ma commented on Mr. Wang’s teaching in terms of professional quality, curriculum philosophy, teaching philosophy, teaching design, teaching language, teaching attitude, and teaching attitude: First, he believed that Mr. Wang not only has high professional quality, but also The course content covers the past and the present, with a large amount of information, and is vivid and interesting. The second is that teaching should be designed around the concept of what to teach and how to teach. Wang teacher and teaching contents of the ancient surname of the carrier, issue-import, well-designed teaching process, reached a "difficult, breadth, interesting, rewarding, inspiring" good classroom effect, is an efficient high-quality curriculum. Especially problem-oriented, it stimulates students' thinking and combines knowledge expansion with students' professional interests and curiosity. The mainline is clear, the structure is clear, and it is interlocking and deep. The third is that the classroom teaching language is very fluent and vivid, with loud voices, strong voices and emotions, aura and inspiring, ensuring a good teaching effect. The fourth is the role and presentation of knowledge content and PPT. Professor Ma pointed out that the PPT is also designed to be student-centered, visual stimulation to be just right, reflecting neat, wake up, highlight, specifications and appearance. At the same time, it should be noted that the amount of knowledge should be coordinated with the presentation of the PPT. Try to present the lecture context in the form of outlines, lines, or flowcharts. When playing, consider the content of the PPT, the content of the lecturer, and the students' thinking nodes. The combination of the two, presented in the form of animation. Fifth, you want to integrate into the natural course of ideological and political education, ideological and political education is not shouting slogans, but by way of natural moisten things silently into the curriculum knowledge, the teacher's words and deeds in the process can lead to lecture the students' admiration, naturally, will imperceptibly It affects the growth of students.

Finally, Professor Ma fully affirmed the leading role in guiding teachers teaching in the Institute of International Education, also reached the academy organization "Prozac lesson" to observe the promotion of education, in order to observe enhance the purpose of teaching, the college teachers not only to seriously observe and learn, take notes, And he highly praised his learning attitude compared with Wang Qihe's teaching.


At the end of the activity, the college’s teaching supervisor, Professor Shi Jie, made a summary. First, he expressed his gratitude to Professor Ma Junying. Then, he proposed that the “Hundred Excellent Courses” observation activities should be implemented. The university classrooms focused on the three requirements of the “five haves”. Dimensions-breadth, depth, and temperature. I hope teachers will combine Wang Qihe's teachings and think carefully about the three "degrees": how to present knowledge to ability? How to combine ancient and modern? How to realize the process of classroom teaching from low-level to high-level, from understanding to speculation? At the same time, Professor Shi Jie made a supplement to the homework problem, hoping that the teacher's homework requirements can reflect the migration process from classroom learning to after-school exercises so that students can think and check manually, and complete the process of transforming knowledge into ability in practice.

The event to observe the form of discussion, the majority of teachers feel deeply intuitive high-quality classroom teaching, play an important role in improving the teaching skills of teachers, to create a School of excellence, enterprising teaching culture played a good demonstration effect.


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