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Jinan is an important traffic hub in China, with aviation, railway, and highway traffic extending in all directions.


① Jinan International airport located in the northeast of Jinan City, away from the city center 28.5 Kilometers, the new terminal 2005, It was put into use in 2010 and is one of China's important trunks airports.

At present, their are20Many airlines have deployed capacity at Jinan Airport and opened nearly 100 routes, with an average of more than 1,000 flights in and out of Hong Kong every week, connecting to Seoul in South Korea, Tokyo in Japan, Frankfurt in Germany, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the United States, and domestic 40 Many large and medium cities.


② Railway

Jinan Railway Station1995In the year of renovation, it is mainly used for passenger transportation, a comprehensive special-grade passenger and freight station. From Jinan, you can take a direct train to Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xi'an, and other domestic large and medium cities. Jinan West Railway Station is a newly built Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway station, which is far away from the urban area.


③ The total mileage of expressways in Shandong Province has reached4000Many kilometers, ranking first in the country. Jinan Coach StationKnown as "China's first stop". It takes one hour by car from Jinan to reach the famous Chinese cultural mountain-Mount Tai, two hours to the birthplace of Confucius-Qufu, and four hours to the coastal city of Qingdao.


The public traffic in Jinan city and surrounding areas is relatively convenient, and the bus network is dense. You can choose the bus number according to your travel route, please log in to the specific bus number query systemJinan Public Transport Network. The bus fare is ordinary 1 yuan/Times, "the number of trains starting with the word is 2 yuan/Second, some buses that go deep into the countryside are 3 yuan/Times. If you take the bus more often, you can also apply for a monthly bus pass.


In addition to buses, Jinan has thousands of taxis, and you can travel to Jinan by taxi. The current starting price of taxis in Jinan is 7.5 yuan.


Many road sections in the urban area are mixed with various vehicles, and the traffic situation is more complicated. Students should strictly abide by the traffic rules, do not run red lights when crossing the road, and pay attention to observation at all times to ensure personal safety. When taking public traffic tools, take care of your personal belongings to avoid loss or theft.


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