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Language learning winter camp ends successfully

On March 2, 2021, Shandong Normal University's 2020 "Chinese Bridge" "Experience Chinese Experience China" language learning winter camp closing ceremony was held on the Chinese Alliance online platform. This closing ceremony not only means the completion of the "Experience Chinese and Feel China"online international winter camp with language characteristics, but also means the four "Chinese Bridges" hosted by the Sino-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by Shandong Normal University. "Online group experience projects all came to a successful conclusion.


Ma Maoxiang, Dean of the School of International Education, Shandong Normal University, Sun Quanzhi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School and Director of the International Student Affairs Office, Professor Chang Qingfeng of the Department of International Student Education, Maya, a Chinese teacher at Confucius Primary School in Mongolia, Guo Wenjuan, the project leader of this online winter camp, project member Teachers Xu Jingjing, Xu Peng, Wang Shuang, teachers from Shandong Normal University Teaching Assistant, and more than 300 campers from Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries attended the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was presided over by the lecturer Xu Jingjing.

After the ceremony began, the first display was the students' homework during the winter camp study. The student's homework is rich in content and diverse in forms, revealing their love for the Chinese language and Chinese culture. Sharing the beauty of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, the students expressed their gratitude to the school and teachers in the chat area. When they saw their works appear on the screen, they cheered in the chat area from time to time: "Wow, I saw my Homework!" Some students wrote: "I am inexplicably moved!" In the chat area, there are a series of hearts and flowers, a series of words of thanks...Chinese is a bridge connecting you, me, and others around the world; culture is the medium, communicating with China And the colorful culture of the world.

Dean Ma Maoxiang first expressed his congratulations to the students who completed the learning task and completed the course. The students' hard-working attitude and progress made him feel sincerely happy and gratified. Dean Ma said that although the epidemic has had many impacts on students’ Chinese learning and study abroad plans, the epidemic cannot stop friendship. The virus continues to communicate with each other, nor can it stop students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese. In just 16 days, students from different countries gathered in the cloud to learn knowledge, improve their Chinese level, and gain friendship and growth.


Dean Ma also expressed his sincere thanks to the four lecturers of this winter camp. This winter camp project has attracted much attention, and news media such as People's Daily Online and Chinanews have reported on it. The live broadcast of the winter camp is held during the winter and Spring Festival holidays. The teachers sacrificed their time to reunite with their families, carefully prepared every live broadcast, and patiently answered every small question of the students. He was moved by the professionalism and dedication of the four teachers. It was the hard work of the teachers that made this winter camp a complete success.

Dean Ma hopes that the students will continue to maintain their enthusiasm for learning Chinese and encourage them to actively share the knowledge and insights learned here with family and friends while cherishing their gains and achievements, to continue to learn Chinese and live a happy life. . Finally, Dean Ma sincerely invites students to have the opportunity to study at Shandong Normal University.

Director Sun Quanzhi first congratulated the students for completing the learning tasks of the winter camp. He said that if he learns the Chinese language and culture well, he has a pass to come to China. "No winter will not pass, and no spring will not come." Although we can only get acquainted with classmates through the screen, "famous is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as heart, and not being moved is as good as action", he said: "To If you want to learn Chinese culture, please come to Shandong Normal University." Jinan's spring has arrived. I look forward to the near future, after the epidemic, students can come to China, come to Shandong, experience the beauty of China, and feel Chinese culture.


Director Chang Qingfeng pays great attention to the learning and communication of the students: in the WeChat group, he silently follows the enthusiastic study and discussion of the students, and "dive" in the live broadcast room every day, accompanied by the teachers and students in class... Director Chang saw the hard work of the teachers, The students are serious, and sincerely thank the students for the unanimous praise of the project: I thank the leaders for their care and support and also look forward to meeting the students offline in China.

The Maya teacher from Mongolia devoted a lot of time and energy to the smooth progress of the winter camp. He was enthusiastic about enrollment promotion in the early stage and encouraged Mongolian students to participate in the course and actively interact; interact with teachers and students during the live broadcast; always remind after class The students attended a class on time, handed in homework, and did a lot of meticulous work. Teacher Maya is also ingenious in clothing. In the live class, her exotic costumes have also become a bright spot in the classroom, making students and teachers feel the charm of cultural exchanges.


In her speech, she sincerely thanked the leaders and teachers who worked hard for this winter camp, as well as the teaching assistants who contributed to these wonderful courses behind the scenes. Teacher Maya said that although the time is only two weeks, the knowledge he has learned is very rich, and he hopes that students will learn to share their gains with others. At the same time, in addition to the "dry goods" in the Chinese class, she is also happy to learn about the characteristics of Vietnamese and Mongolian surnames and to gain cultural exchanges. Teacher Maya encouraged the students to compare the cultures of different countries, promote cultural exchanges and publicity, and expressed their longing for their beautiful second hometown-Jinan. He hoped that the epidemic would end as soon as possible, and the students could go to Shandong Normal University to experience for themselves The beauty of Jinan.

The lecturer Xu Peng also praised the wonderful performance of the students in his speech and was very pleased to see the progress and growth of the students in the past 16 days. Looking back at the whole preparation process of the winter camp project, Mr. Xu Peng felt that the high-quality courses of this winter camp were hard-won: "Everyone has a belief in their hearts, and present the best videos to the students." From project application to video planning, Filming and editing were completed, which lasted more than four months and more than 120 days. A total of 43 video lessons settled on the Chinese Alliance platform, which lasted 279 minutes. In this coldest winter, to give the students the best experience, the team teachers and film crews braved the wind and snow, ran across the streets and alleys, fields and countryside of Jinan, shuttled in the wind and snow, and persevered in the severe cold. . The teachers repeatedly polished and improved the shooting script, and strived to present it from multiple angles when shooting, and did not miss any detail, so that the final perfect presentation effect was achieved.


Mr. Xu Peng also expressed his gratitude to all the friends and relatives of the teaching assistants, artists in the music industry, and famous doctors in the Chinese medicine field who participated in this project enthusiastically. She said that all these made the team members deeply moved and warmed in this cold winter. In the end, she expressed her most heartfelt thanks to all the students in the winter camp for their hard work, persistence, and active cooperation, and wished all the students will make greater progress and better development in the days to come. She also welcomes students to come to China and Jinan. Learn to communicate, cherish this friendship that crosses national borders, and build a bridge of civilization and mutual learning between each other's countries.

In her speech, Ms. Wang Shuang also had mixed feelings and feelings about the upcoming courses. "Outstanding features, full of dry goods, and great significance" is her evaluation of the winter camp courses. She said that in addition to language learning, teachers and students also exchanged thoughts and established friendships in the live class. "The relationship between the nations lies in the closeness of the people, the closeness of the people lies in the communication of hearts, and the communication of hearts lies in the harmony of writing. It is believed that participating in this winter camp will be a meaningful and colorful part of the students' Chinese learning experience. Teacher Wang Shuang borrowed the symbol of "cow" at the end of his speech, and hoped that the students would "be an old scalper" in Chinese learning, and continue to work hard and steadfastly move forward on the road of Chinese learning and carry forward the spirit of the cow. Plowing in the land of education will get more progress and happiness.


Li Yunpai and Nguyen Thi Hua from Vietnam, Tzu Cheng Wan from Thailand, and Jin Sha from Mongolia shared their experiences and gains in this winter camp as representatives of the trainees. In addition to thanking the teachers for their wonderful learning courses and providing them with precious opportunities for learning Chinese, they were also "circled fans" by the teachers' enthusiastic teaching and warm and loving classrooms. While becoming more courageous and more confident in the process of language learning, the improvement of their Chinese level has also brought them more opportunities to come to China to communicate and learn. Student Yun Pei said that the teachers' attentive teaching gave her more love for Shandong Normal University, and thanked the winter camp for helping her find her dream of studying in China and studying at Shandong Normal University.



The 18th -level undergraduate Wang Xiwanyue and the 19th -level undergraduate Xin Jing of Shandong Normal University spoke as representatives of the teaching assistants. As teaching assistants, they hosted the online group discussion, and at the same time, they also got acquainted with the students in the exchange and gained precious friendships. The students’ enthusiasm for Chinese learning and Chinese culture faded away in the lively discussion. They sang together, shared life experiences, and worked hard to practice listening and speaking Chinese. The group discussions were full of warmth and joy. The students shared the cultures of different countries and opened up their horizons. The students' hard work and learning also left a deep impression on the teaching assistants. The exchanges narrowed the distance between each other; the love strengthened their confidence in becoming international Chinese teachers. The tree of friendship is everlasting. On behalf of all the teaching assistants, they extended an invitation to the students to come to China and wish the friendship between the two parties to last.

Finally, the project host, Mr. Guo Wenjuan, summarized the winter camp project from the seven aspects of the project background, teaching philosophy, teaching design, learning process, project completion, teacher and student work, and student learning, and communicate with the Ministry of Education for Chinese and foreign language exchanges and cooperation. The center, the Chinese Language Alliance, and other fraternal colleges and universities across the country would like to thank all leaders, teachers, Chinese and foreign students who participated in and cared about the winter camp project.


The last part of the closing ceremony was to broadcast the Vlog works produced by the students. The closing ceremony ended with the reluctant gratitude of the teachers and classmates and the expectation of reunion with the summer camp.

So far, the 2021 Chinese Bridge-Experience Chinese Experience Chinese Language Learning Winter Camp has come to a successful conclusion.

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