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Teachers and students share Chinese lessons

Chinese is the medium, gathering together in the cloud. The language learning program of the 2021 “Chinese Bridge” Winter Camp, which opened on February 15th, has been running for a week. The learning methods, online shopping, and music appreciation are interlocking and exciting. The video recording and broadcasting class provide students with a way of self-study. The online live broadcast topic selection meets the students' psychology and needs, and the context setting creates a strong communication atmosphere for the students. The trainees experienced Chinese in real communication and experienced culture in "face-to-face" communication. They not only practiced language expression but also gained the enjoyment of beauty.


Teachers carefully design the teaching steps every day. Use methods to guide learning, use questions to stimulate interaction, use the old to bring the new, and make progress step by step. The trainees responded positively in the chat area or produced a large amount of output. They deepened their understanding of language points and improved their application skills in the interaction of language output and teacher feedback. The teaching assistants "increase the flames" in the chat area to promote the students' sense of accomplishment.

In the teaching process, teachers remind students to use learning methods from time to time and give specific instructions on the use of the methods. Students can apply them on the spot and try further in their homework.


Walk into the classroom

In the subject of online shopping, students learned about online and offline shopping in China through video recording and broadcasting before class, as well as the current different consumption concepts between the elderly and the young in China. The video recording and broadcasting class are presented in the form of social interview communication so that students can understand language points in a real context, and at the same time, it also provides students with an example of using social interviews to learn Chinese. This learning method is the outstanding feature of this language learning winter camp. In the live broadcast class, the students tried to use the language a lot orally or in writing and got immediate feedback from teachers and assistants, which stimulated a strong interest in learning and motivation for continuous learning.


During the Spring Festival, the teachers also integrated Spring Festival customs into the teaching. When it comes to topics such as shopping and consumption, the families of the teachers and the students also participated in the live class. These participants included doctors, epidemic prevention workers, and Company employees and civil servants, who have different professions and diverse hobbies, who have brought a wave of exchanges to the live broadcast class. The surging communication words in the chat area "run fast", fully embodying "life is learning, learning is The teaching concept of "Life" is rich in information and warmth in the live class.

In the theme course of music appreciation, the students earnestly studied and mastered the language structure commonly used in music theme exchanges, and understood and became familiar with traditional Chinese musical instruments such as the guqin, guzheng, pipa, and erhu; they listened to and appreciated the exhilarating and beautiful " "Horse Racing" and other famous erhu songs. The teacher invited the young erhu performer Han Xianqin to the live broadcast room. The students were impressed by Teacher Han's skillful playing skills and beautiful piano sound and fell in love with Chinese folk music. After learning to sing a Chinese song, the Maya teacher from Mongolia couldn't help singing the song "The place where the sun rises is the hometown I miss" for everyone. The Vietnamese camper Yuanyuan sang a Vietnamese song and listened to it. The Kenyan student Luo Jue also sang Swahili songs for everyone, and the daughter of a Mongolian student played the violin in front of the camera... The exchange between China and foreign countries was wonderful. Learning Chinese with the sound of the piano and singing, the beauty lies in it.


To allow the students to have the opportunity to speak orally, the winter camp also adopted the form of group discussions, with the teaching assistant as the moderator of the conference group, and the students dispersed to each conference group to interact more fully, practice language, and share personal experiences. Get to know each other and enhance friendship. The lively forms of communication and diverse communication contents greatly arouse the students' enthusiasm for learning.

At the beginning of the course, the students wrote in the first assignment: "The teacher is very serious in giving lectures, and I feel the enthusiasm of the teachers in class", "The method proposed is particularly useful for learning Chinese, and it can promote my oral English proficiency. ", "The lectures are very interesting, I like them very much, and I am very happy", "I have met many new friends and learned a lot of knowledge through Chinese classes"... Although some students expressed that they felt a little nervous and worried that they could not understand Chinese. , But still completed the homework carefully and meticulously as required, and have high expectations for the next class. In the subsequent after-school interview assignments, the students used the methods, language points, and expressions they learned to conduct interviews and exchanges with their peers, and the ability to use Chinese to organize language and communicate has been well exercised. The students were very attentive when doing their homework, using different forms of presentation of results such as videos, PPT, text, etc., which made the teachers refreshed.



The trainees expressed that they learned accurate and practical language expression in different contexts and situations of the video, and the interactive communication with the teaching assistants also helped them effectively reduce cultural barriers and improve their cross-cultural communication skills. The trainees said that the Chinese courses on the cloud are rich in content and interesting in format. They are immersed in the beautiful atmosphere of Chinese culture and look forward to the following courses and more excitement.

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