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1. Q: I'd like to know the application time of the Chinese government scholarship-independent enrollment program of Chinese universities?

A: the application time is usually from January to March of each year. Only one application is open every year.


2. Q: Do you need to pay a registration fee to apply for a Chinese government scholarship?

A: no need.


3. Q: How can I get a visa to China after being admitted to Shandong University?

A: Please apply for a study visa in China at the Chinese embassy (consulate) in the applicant's country with the admission notice and the application form for a study visa in China (JW201 / 202) issued by Shandong University. Those who have studied in China for less than 6 months should apply for a class x2 visa. Students who have studied for more than 6 months must apply for a class X1 visa. Because of the influence of COVID-19, you may not be able to get a visa to study in China for the time being.


4. Q: What about my visa when I arrive in China?

A: You need to convert your X1 visa into a residence permit within 30 days after you arrive in China; an X2 visa does not need to be changed into a residence permit.


5. Q: What materials do you need to prepare to convert an X1 visa into a residence permit?

A: The letter of admission (original), the application form for a visa for foreign students to China (original), the physical examination form of foreigners (original), the original passport, and the copy (1 copy for photo page, visa page, and entry seal page respectively), 3 photos (passport photo size), and the freshmen will have the staff of the international student office to organize and handle the application.


6. Q: Do all students have to buy medical insurance for studying in China?

A: The Ministry of Education of China stipulates that students who study at least half a year (including half a year) must take the insurance procedures for Chinese mainland comprehensive medical insurance when they register, otherwise the school will not register. Premium: RMB 400 / half year, RMB 800 / year.


7. Q: I have already bought insurance in China. Do I also need to buy it?

A: you need to buy it


8. Q: Can I get insurance if I go to a private hospital for treatment?

A: No. The medical institutions involved in the medical insurance liability of international students are limited to public hospitals in the mainland of the people's Republic of China.


9. Q: about dental expenses reimbursement and nonreimbursement?

Insurance reimbursement requirements:

The first condition to enjoy dental expenses reimbursement is that the medical treatment details of public hospitals are consistent with the total invoice amount and the medical records are complete. In addition, the cost of dental treatment can be reimbursed depends on the treatment items and materials used.

Items not reimbursed in general:

  • teeth: common teeth, such as 1, 2, and 3, of which 2 were removed for some reason. So make a hat with three teeth (namely 3 porcelain crowns) teeth, and cover them on the top of 1 and 3 respectively, so that 2 is set. But premises 1 and 3 these two teeth also need to wear a large layer to cover the crown. The advantage of this method is that it is cheaper than the tooth, and the disadvantage is that the two good teeth are damaged;
  • teeth: as mentioned above, the three teeth 1, 2, and 3 were removed for some reason. The tooth is planted in the position of 2 and a nail is inserted into the alveolar bone, and then an independent porcelain crown is inserted on the head of the nail. The advantage of this method is that it is not related to the adjacent teeth, but it is more expensive;
  • denture restoration: including post crown, crown, complete denture, partial denture, etc;
  • orthodontics: orthodontic treatment is performed for the irregular teeth;
  • repair: the expenses of using imported high-end materials are not reimbursed generally, and the expenses can be reimbursed for using common materials;
  • cosmetic and beautiful tooth items such as color spot tooth treatment;
  • the cost of tooth beauty is involved in tooth washing alone or when tooth washing is needed for treatment.


Reimbursable expenses

  • extraction of teeth;
  • tooth filling: including the cost of common materials and treatment;
  • the cost of treatment for diseases such as hemostasis, periodontal disease, pulpitis, periapical periodontitis, root canal treatment, toothache, etc.


Proportion and form of general reimbursement

  • outpatient department for disease: there is a limit of 600 yuan per day (less the expenses within the daily limit after deducting the expenses at own expense), and there is a starting line with a compensation ratio of 85%. That is (total amount within the daily limit - starting and paying line) *85% = reimbursement amount;


10. Question: How to get to the central campus of Jinan and Baotuquan campus?

Answer: Shandong University has six campuses in Jinan, and the dormitories for international students are mainly distributed in the following two campuses:

International Student Dormitory on the Central Campus: No. 27 Shanda South Road, Shandong University Central Campus, International Student Dormitory

International Student Dormitory on Baotuquan Campus: No. 44 Wenhua West Road, Baotuquan Campus, Shandong University, No. 200 and No. 400 of the International Student Dormitory.


10.1 Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport to Shandong University

(1) taxi



time cost


Airport→Central Campus

36 km

45-50 minutes

Around 120 yuan

Airport→Baotuquan Campus

37 km

40-60 minutes

Around 120 yuan

Remarks: From 11 pm to 5 am the next day, the taxi driver adopts the nighttime fee, which is 20% higher than the daytime fee. Please ask the driver for an invoice.


(2) Airport bus

From the first morning flight to the arrival of the last flight, there are shuttle buses between the airport and the city. You can take the airport bus at gates 3 and 4 of the arrival hall on the first floor of the terminal building. The ticket office is at the passenger bus ticket counter on the north side of gates 3 and 4. The one-way price is 20 yuan.

The airport bus does not stop at Shandong University, so you need to take a taxi to Shandong University at the terminal. From the morning flight to the arrival flight at 18:30, the bus terminal is the train station square bus station. Please refer to 1.3 the route from the train station to each campus to arrive at Shandong University.

From 18:30 tonight, the terminal of the airport bus is Yuquan Senxin Hotel. A taxi from Yuquan Senxin Hotel to Baotuquan campus will cost about 10 yuan, and a taxi to the central campus will cost about 15 yuan.


10.2 Jinan West Railway Station to Shandong University

(1) taxi



time cost


Jinan West Railway Station→Central Campus

19 km

40-50 minutes

Around 70 yuan

Jinan West Station→Baotuquan Campus

18 km

30-40 minutes

Around 70 yuan

Remarks: From 11 pm to 5 am the next day, the taxi driver adopts the nighttime fee, which is 20% higher than the daytime fee. Please ask the driver for an invoice.

(2) Bus



time cost


Central campus

Take bus K109, pass 27 stops, arrive at Puli Street Station, transfer to bus K1, get off at Shanda South Road, Shanda Road at 10 stops, go north, and arrive at the west gate of Central campus.

1.5 hours

4 yuan

Baotuquan Campus

Take the 202 or K202 bus, pass 16 stops to the north gate of Quancheng Park, cross the road, and enter Baotuquan Campus from the south gate.

1 hour

1/2 yuan


10.3 Jinan Station to Shandong University

(1) taxi 



time cost


Jinan West Railway Station→Central Campus

9 km

35-50 minutes

Around 30 yuan

Jinan West Station→Baotuquan Campus

4.5 km

20-40 minutes

Around 18 yuan

Remarks: From 11 pm to 5 am the next day, the taxi driver adopts the nighttime fee, which is 20% higher than the daytime fee. Please ask the driver for an invoice.


(2) Bus



time cost


         Central campus

Take the K3 bus, pass 9 stops, to Jiefangqiao North Station, transfer to K70 bus, pass 2 stops to Shanda South Road, Shanda Road, cross the road, and enter the Central campus from the south gate.

1 hour

4 yuan

       Baotuquan Campus

Take the K18 bus, pass 7 stops to Qingnianqiao Station, go west for 200 meters, and arrive at the north gate of Baotuquan Campus.

40 minutes

2 yuan


11. Q: how to get to the Weihai campus?

A: international cooperation and exchange office of Shandong University (Weihai): room 510, Zhixing building, 180 Wenhua West Road, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China

International student dormitory in Weihai Campus - wenhuayuan: wenhuayuan, 48 Weida street, Weihai City, Shandong Province, Tel. + 86 (631) - 5693007

Wenleyuan: Wesleyan, 180 Wenhua West Road, Shandong Province, Tel. + 86 (631) - 5688328


11.1 From Weihai airport to Weihai Campus

Bus route of Weihai Airport: Weihai International Airport - jiangjiazhai workers group - Taiwei products seal - bus station · railway station - Civil Aviation Administration - Weigao square - News Building - Harbin Institute of Technology - Haiyue Jianguo Hotel (South Gate of Shandong University (Weihai))

(1) The whole journey takes about 90 minutes.

(2) After the international flight arrives at Weihai airport, you can take the airport bus at the international arrival gate and get off at Haiyue Jianguo Hotel (South Gate of Shandong University (Weihai)).

(3) From the school to the airport, you can take the airport bus at Haiyue Jianguo Hotel opposite the South Gate of Shandong University (Weihai). Please consult the service telephone in advance for the departure time.

(4) The one-way fare of an airport bus is 20 yuan per person.

Service Tel: 0631-8641172 8641788



11.2 From Yantai airport to Weihai Campus

Yantai airport bus route: Yantai International Airport - film and Television City - Shanda dormitory - Weihaiwei building east Weijian group gate (departure station)

(1) The whole journey takes about 120 minutes.

(2) After the international flight arrives at Yantai airport, you can take the airport bus at the international exit, get off at Shanda dormitory station, take bus No.7 or K2 at the bus stop, or take a taxi to the South Gate of Shandong University (Weihai).

(3) From the school to the airport, you can take bus No.7 or K2 at the bus stop opposite the South Gate of the school, or take a taxi to Shanda dormitory station, or take the Yantai airport bus at the north gate. Please consult the Weihai service telephone in advance for departure time.

(4) The one-way fare of airport buses is 80 yuan per person. Weihai service Tel: 0631-5207777 18606310071 Yantai airport service Tel: 0535-5139146


11.3 Weihai port to Weihai Campus

From Weihai port passenger station, walk 230 meters to Weihai port waiting hall (goubei Village) station, take K4 or 24 bus to hop station, and take K2 bus to Shanda Weihai Campus Station. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the ticket price is 3-4 yuan.

Or take a taxi, it takes about 40 minutes, and the ticket price is about 45 yuan.


11.4 Buses

Shandong University (Weihai) south gate and the opposite is the bus station, there are 7 and K2 Road, direct to Weihai railway station, bus station, north railway station, and downtown shopping plaza (Weigao square, Hualian Commercial Building). A one-way ticket is 1-2 yuan.


11.5 Taxi

The starting price of a taxi in Weihai City is 8 yuan / 2 km, 1.8 yuan/km after exceeding 2 km, and 2.7 yuan/km after exceeding 8 km; The starting price of night car rental (from 10 pm to 5 pm the next day) is 9 yuan, and the rental price is 2.16 yuan/km; Before the vehicle starts, after the waiting time is over 3 minutes, the meter will start to charge. After the waiting time is over 3 minutes, the meter will jump once, and the charging standard is 1 yuan.


12. Q: Can I apply for an exchange program at Shandong University (SDU)? 

A: When officially nominated by a partner university, students can apply to SDU for an exchange program.  


13. Q: How to apply? 

A: Exchange students should apply through the SDU online application system. There is no need to mail or e-mail application materials. Online application portal: 


14. Q: Why is my application automatically assigned to the College of International Education?  

A: All exchange programs are under the College of International Education in the first stage. After an initial review, SDU will assign majors based on your study plan. Make sure you put effort and time into your study plan.  


15. Q: What do I need to do after submitting an online application? 

A: You should check your email frequently. The Department of International Affairs of Shandong University (Office for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs) will conduct a preliminary review of the application materials and then transfer them to the school or college for further review. Applications that are incomplete or do not meet admission requirements will be returned or refused. If a student’s application is returned, please revise or/and improve, based on our feedback.  


16. Q: When will I know the admission result? 

A: Students can log in to the online application system to check results at any time. After the initial review, your applications will be sent to a receiving college/school and they will make the final decision on your admission. Admission documents will be sent through postage in mid-to-late June (fall intake) or mid-to-late December (spring intake) to the International Office of your university. 


17. Q: I've won a scholarship from other Chinese universities, and I want to transfer to the graduate program of Shandong University. Is that ok?

A: No. The university does not accept transfer students.


18. Q: How to apply for on-campus accommodation? 

A: Students can apply for on-campus accommodation online after receiving admission documents. Online application portal: 


19. Q: Can I live off-campus? 

A: We strongly advise exchange students to live on-campus. However, if students do wish to live off-campus, they can find a local agency to rent an apartment. They should inform SDU about their residence locations. 


20. Q: Does Shandong University provide airport/station pick-up service? 

A: We will offer a free pick-up service for exchange students arriving on registration days as is stated on the admission notice. Before registration, we will send pre-arrival information via email, please check to confirm the date.  


21. Q: Where is Shandong University located? 

A: Shandong University is located in Shandong Province and has campuses in Jinan, Qingdao, and Weihai. 


22. Q: Can all campuses of Shandong University accommodate exchange students?  

A: Only International Student Apartments in Central Campus (Jinan), Baotuquan Campus (Jinan), and Qingdao Campus can accommodate exchange students.  


23. Q: When should exchange students select courses? 

A: All exchange students must select courses during the first two weeks at the start of each semester. Undergraduate-level exchange students will be notified when to register for courses. Graduate-level exchange students should take the initiative and contact their school or college’s Secretary of Graduate Affairs. Students who do not select courses promptly can not obtain credits. After the deadline, course selection cannot be altered.  


24. Q: Are there restrictions on course selection for exchange students? 

A: Exchange students are allowed to select courses across majors, schools or colleges, and campuses. Programs of Medicine and Dentistry are not open to exchange students unless there is a specific student mobility agreement. Since there are six campuses in Jinan, students should pay special attention to the locations of classes and may have to make arrangements when choosing courses.   

Please consult with your home university regarding requirements for course selection and credit transfer. Undergraduate-level exchange students usually take three to five courses per semester (courses of two to three credits). There is no mandatory number of courses but six is the maximum per semester. Graduate-level exchange students have to take a minimum of one postgraduate course or do research under the guidance of a Shandong University supervisor. 


25. Q: Can I apply for the undergraduate program of Shandong University under the age of 18?

A: for more information, please visit the website:


26. Q: What fees do I need to pay during the exchange? 

A: Conform to the student exchange agreements, only tuition fees will be waived by SDU.  


27. Q: When will I receive the transcripts? 

A: Official transcripts are usually sent by post in mid-March for the fall semester and mid-September for the spring semester to the students'Outbound Coordinator.  


28. Q: Can I shorten or extend the exchange period? 

A: In principle, the longest exchange time should not exceed one academic year. If you want to extend or shorten the exchange period, please consult your home university. Related matters shall be negotiated between SDU and your home university.  


29. Q: During the exchange period at Shandong University, is it allowed to take online courses of home university at the same time? 

A: In principle, dual registration is allowed.  


30. Q: how to apply to Shandong University? What materials do I need to prepare?

A: Please refer to the 2021 enrollment brochures for relevant application methods


31. Q: Can I enroll in spring?

A: academic students start school in September every year. Please check the admission notice for the specific start time. Nonacademic students (Language advanced students and undergraduate preparatory students) can apply for spring admission.


32. Q: What are the points for attention when filling in the application form for a Chinese government scholarship?

A: when filling in the application form, please fill in "Shandong University" in the column of "application institution" In the column "student type", you should correctly select the type of student you want to apply for instead of the degree you have obtained.


33. Q: what is the organizational code of Shandong University?

A: the organization code of Shandong University is 10422.


34. Q: I didn't graduate when I applied for Shandong University. What I provided was the pre-graduation certificate/certificate of study. Is it necessary to provide a graduation certificate and degree certificate after being admitted by Shandong University? Must it be the original?

A: After being admitted, you need to hand in the academic certificate before you can get the final admission qualification. Please be sure to show the original diploma and degree certificate when you come to school. Those who fail to pass the examination will be disqualified from scholarship and admission.


35. Q: do you need a letter of recommendation/acceptance from a professor or a pre-admission notice from Shandong University to apply for a Chinese government scholarship?

A: no need.


36. Q: When can I get the admission result?

A: the admission results of the Chinese government scholarship and the international student scholarship of Shandong University will be announced no later than September 1. The admission results of self-funded students will be announced before June 30.


37. Q: how do I know my admission results?

A: the office of international students of Shandong University will send an email to inform students whether they are admitted or not, and students can also log in to their application account( )Check the results.


38. Q: language learning program - how to apply for Chinese study?

A: for more information, please check the website


39. Q: Are there any specific formats and requirements for the professor's recommendation letter and my "personal statement"?

A: there is no specific format. The letter of recommendation is suggested to be written by the professor in this research field and signed by the professor himself; For the content of the personal statement, please refer to the template:

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