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Holding innovation seminars

[News from this site] Recently, the School of Undergraduate Students, the Department of International Affairs, and the School of International Education held a seminar on international student talent training and international education innovation. During the seminar, Xing Zhanjun, assistant to the president of Shandong University and dean of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, met with the guests, and Li Jinsong, president of Tangfeng International Education Group, and his entourage. Liu Chuanyong, Dean of the School of Undergraduates, Xu Zhiquan, Director of the International Student Scholars Center, Xu Guanzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of International Education, and Ma Xiaole, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education attended the meeting. The meeting carried out communication and exchanges on curriculum construction, talent training, teacher training, and cooperation in running schools, and reached strategic cooperation intentions.


At the meeting, Liu Chuanyong introduced the overall situation of Shandong University's talent training, especially the construction of international majors and the international curriculum system at the undergraduate level. He focused on the exploration of the "1+1+2" training model for international students at the undergraduate level, namely " 1 year of general education + 1 year of platform basic education + 2 years of professional education". He explained his opinions and suggestions on the development of international students' source of students, training plans, curriculum construction, and quality assessment. Starting from the development trend of online education during the epidemic, he emphasized the construction of a hybrid teaching system and the construction of an online education platform. necessity. Xu Zhiquan analyzed the current situation and challenges in international student training and management from the school’s international student source structure, major construction, training process, alumni resources, etc., and introduced two important tasks for the current demonstration: First, actively respond to the country. The “Belt and Road” initiative explores the construction of academy system, packs advantaged liberal arts majors, breaks professional barriers and provides Chinese and foreign students with greater space for course selection and major selection; second, through the historical accumulation and brand strength of Qilu Medicine, the scale of enrollment will be formed and radiated Other majors, to achieve demonstration effects.

Li Jinsong introduced the main paths and cases of current domestic and foreign education cooperation, demonstrated the R&D concept of the "Internet +" international education cloud platform and its application in nearly 500 universities in more than 120 countries. Experienced practices in resource co-construction, mutual recognition of credits, and student source expansion. Li Jinsong thanked the postgraduates and undergraduates majoring in Chinese International Education of Shandong University for participating in the Chinese teaching work of 900 applied undergraduate colleges and universities in Thailand under the responsibility of Tangfeng Group during the epidemic and expressed the hope to develop in-depth cooperation with Shandong University in education. Informatization and international education cooperation are jointly developing new projects. Xu Guanzhong said that the "1+1+2" model has ideas and characteristics. The college party committee will implement the work deployment with a more active attitude, and strive to promote connotation mining and quality improvement. Hope to strengthen strategic cooperation with Tangfeng International Education Group to help the transformation and development of the college. Ma Xiaole said that in the next step, the college will build a framework and design a roadmap to promote the implementation of the consensus on the joint construction of a cooperation platform. Teacher representatives, especially the heads of the teaching departments of the International Education College, also expounded their ideas from different angles and expressed their determination to work together to improve the quality of education and teaching for international students.

The seminar actively explored the possibility and feasibility of international education strategic cooperation in multiple directions, multiple forms, and multiple angles, and reached a series of consensus after thorough discussions, in-depth exploration of the "1+1+2" talent training model for international students, and focused on comprehensive Improving the quality of education and teaching will lay a solid foundation for deepening school-enterprise cooperation, advancing the "Strong Academy and Rejuvenating School" action, and achieving a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.

The heads of the relevant departments of the school and the college attended the meeting.

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