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Hold the first online enrollment Seminar

To further expand Shandong University’s international influence and reduce the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on international student enrollment, the School of International Education took the initiative to explore and take advantage of the trend to successfully connect with the Thai Chinese Teachers’ Association and participate in the Thai Chinese Teachers’ Association. The Chinese Bridge Club (Bangkok Station) jointly organized the first "Series of Online Explaining Meetings on the Admissions Policy of Chinese Universities to Thailand" and held a special session for Shandong University. On the afternoon of March 7, the Ministry of International Affairs and the School of International Education jointly preached and actively promoted the Shandong University study abroad program to Thai students.


This seminar has high specifications and wide coverage. Feng Junying, Education Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand, Wang Huichang, Representative of China-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center-Bangkok Center Affairs, and Dr. Luo Zongzheng, Chairman of the Thai Chinese Teachers Association, gave the opening speeches for the presentation, expressing hope that the series of enrollment policy online briefing sessions will be Thai students and parents provide a platform and window for understanding Chinese universities and overseas study policies, and at the same time help Chinese universities recruit suitable high-quality Thai students, give full play to the role of a bridge, and commit to the educational and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand.


The Department of International Affairs and the Enrollment Development Team of the School of International Education introduced Shandong Province’s geographical advantages, cultural features, and Shandong University’s development history, school philosophy, advantageous disciplines, and international characteristics, and invited Thai undergraduates majoring in Chinese International Education to share their choice of Shanda’s Reasons and study experience, and interact with Thai teachers and students in the live broadcast room, guide the application process and common questions that Thai students care about, answer various questions and consultations online, and help Thai students to further understand the subject and professional situation, and scholarship application methods And the international student management service system. The presentation lasted 90 minutes, comprehensively using video playback, PPT sharing, interactive questioning and answering questions, etc. The content was diverse and interesting, and the overall effect was good. In the preparatory stage, the staff earnestly studied the admissions and publicity experience of various prestigious schools, adjusted and improved the content of the publicity, drilled and improved the level of publicity, and completed the publicity task.


The presentation will be conducted through Tencent conferences, DingTalk conferences, Facebook live broadcasts, and online interactions. All participating units’ Facebook platforms will be broadcast live simultaneously. After the live broadcast, the preaching video will be kept on each unit’s platform for a long time and played unlimited times to maximize Improve the propagation speed and radiation range of enrollment information. Representatives of Thai Chinese Teachers Association, Royal Thai Rose Garden High School, Nakhon Pathom Wangluang Public Jianhua School, Chiang Mai Chonghua Xinsheng Huali School, Sukhothai Kwang High School, Chiang Rai Mae Sai Guangming Overseas Chinese Public School, Chinese Language Institute, Thai Singapore Teacher representatives from the International School and ASEAN Phuket Thai Hua School entered the live broadcast room to participate in this online special lecture. In recent years, with the rapid development of China, Thailand has set off an upsurge in Chinese learning. According to statistics, there are currently about 2,000 schools in Thailand offering Chinese courses and more than 1 million Chinese learners. There are many outstanding representatives among the Thai students of Shanda University. Thailand has become a market for international student recruitment and expansion worth digging deeper into.

In the "post-epidemic era", how to expand the enrollment of international students under the current difficulties of restricted cross-border mobility, cancellation of overseas education exhibitions, and continuous wait-and-see for international students has become the focus of the school's thinking and exploration in the normalization stage of the epidemic. Shandong University actively responds to and implements the comprehensive deployment of the Ministry of Education and other eight departments to accelerate and expand the opening up of education in the new era by current conditions and innovative forms, strengthen the "Study Abroad" brand, and continue to promote the steady pace of the school’s internationalization. . Shandong University's first online international admissions seminar in the new semester of 2021 breaks the barriers of regional restrictions and information asymmetry between admissions colleges and intended student sources, and opens up opportunities for international student admissions under the background of normalized prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The new model and new thinking are a useful attempt for the enrollment publicity work to adapt to the new situation and carry out the transformation.

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