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Do a good job in the management of students' Education

Recently, the International Education Institute has further improved its political position, fulfilled its main responsibilities, strictly implemented the safety management requirements of the superiors and the school, and carried out the work by the requirements of the "Grid Management Responsibility Letter of the International Education Institute" Do it carefully to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students and the order and stability of the college during the winter vacation.

Strengthen epidemic prevention and control education and improve self-protection awareness. The college continues to strengthen the promotion of epidemic prevention and control knowledge through various forms such as faculty and staff meetings, party branch meetings, and class meetings, and timely conveys the latest situation and requirements of epidemic prevention and control to teachers and students and insists on "non-essential do not go abroad (border)" and "non-essential" Do not go out” and strictly implement the travel approval system. Through the WeChat public account platform, the "Proposal to All Students of the School of International Education" was released to guide students to "less mobility and less gathering", improve safety awareness, do personal protection, and require students who stay in school to strictly abide by the school's epidemic prevention and control management. Regulations.

Maintain the normalization of dynamic tracking and grasp the health information of teachers and students promptly. Strictly implement the school's epidemic prevention and control management regulations and the college's epidemic prevention and control plans and plans, improve the ledger information, report it regularly and accurately, and earnestly grasp the dynamics and health of each teacher and student. According to the requirements of the school, a comprehensive statistical analysis of the relevant teacher and student information in high-risk areas, identification of the situation, precise prevention, and control; for teachers and students who have a fever, start the epidemic prevention and control emergency procedures, and promptly and properly handle them.



Implement the main responsibility of the safety and comprehensively investigate potential safety hazards. Strictly implement the main responsibility of safety, firmly establish the awareness of safety responsibility, further clarify the main responsibility of "people and material" management services, strengthen safety coordination and linkage, and investigate hidden dangers of safety risks. On the morning of January 18th, Xu Guanzhong, secretary of the Party Committee of the college, led a team to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the Chinese traditional culture research and experience base, the teaching office space on each floor of the college, and the student dormitories on campus. The focus was on fire protection facilities, construction sites, and safety. Re-investigate and re-rectify hidden dangers in important facilities and key parts such as electricity use. Violations and illegal operations are strictly prohibited, and hidden dangers and problems discovered shall be coordinated and reported promptly.


Strengthen the management of students during the winter vacation, and care about students staying in school. Accurately check the school leaving information of Chinese and foreign students, achieve "one person, one case", and traceable whereabouts. Establish a dynamic ledger for students studying in school, update it in real-time, and report accurately. Adhere to "non-essential does not stay in school" and "non-essential does not go out", coordinate with instructors and class teachers to do a good job of education and guidance, strictly implement the campus entry and exit approval system, and standardize the entire process management. Through online meetings, visits to dormitories, individual conversations, etc., point-to-point attention to students who have delayed leaving or staying at school is strengthened, and students living in middle- and high-risk areas are properly placed, and corresponding service guarantees are provided. Strengthen the education and management of international students, inform Yifa risk responsibilities, sign a safety commitment letter with international students living on and off-campus, maintain communication with overseas students, and communicate school requirements promptly. Visited the student dormitory and conducted a safety check on the student dormitory that has left school to ensure that the dormitory is shut off and locked after the student leaves the school to further eliminate safety hazards; condolences to the students at the school, send masks and other protective materials to understand the students’ study and life on campus Situation: Keep in touch with parents and share education at home and school to ensure the safety and health of students.

The School of International Education will implement the various work requirements of the school’s epidemic prevention and control and safety management with a high sense of responsibility, recognize and carry out safety and stability work from a political perspective, and focus on epidemic prevention and control, student safety education management, and equipment In key areas such as fire safety and hidden dangers, we often pay attention to safety and stability throughout all work.

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