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Won the first prize in teaching reform competition

The college won the 2020 Shandong University Young Teacher Teaching Competition Excellent Organization Award and the first prize in the Teaching Innovation Competition.


Recently, the college won the Excellent Organization Award of Shandong University's 2020 Young Teacher Teaching Competition and the first prize in the first Shandong University Teaching Innovation Competition. Jiao Yanan received the award on behalf of the college and the winning team.


College of attention to young teachers, adhering to the "race to promote education," the idea of young teachers to participate in various lectures organized competitions, over the years, several teachers honors and awards. Especially in the past three years, the teachers of the college won the first prize in the Shandong University and Shandong Young Teacher Lecture Competition. From 2018 to 2020, Shandong University excellent "ideological and political course" Teaching Design Case Award, Teacher Score more than winning entries. In 2020, it won another good result in the first Shandong University Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition. The importance of the college and related organization work has been affirmed and rewarded by the school successively, and won the Excellent Organization Award of the 2018 Young Teacher Lecture Competition, the Excellent Organization Unit of the First Teaching and Academic Week of Shandong University in 2019, and the 2020 " On-screen Online Resonance Education " Outstanding Organization Award for Online Live Teaching Competition.


The college pays attention to the renewal of teaching concepts and the improvement of teachers' teaching ability. Pay attention to give full play to the role of teaching grassroots organizations, regularly conduct teaching seminars, special training, and share teaching experience to promote the common growth of teachers and lay a good foundation for building first-class undergraduate majors and cultivating the best undergraduates.


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