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Enjoy the games, enjoy life!


The final game of the football tournament organized by the College of International Students was played on March 4, 2021, at the Jiulonghu campus. It was a clear weather condition and a perfect day for the finals. The Jiulonghu players welcome Sipailou United Team on entering the ground.  Before the start of the final contest, both team players did warm-up exercises and practice.


group photo


Sailor United Team was led by Mr. Hassan, and Jiulonghu Warriors was led by Mr. Yasir. Both captains gave instructions to their teams especially about safety and discussed their strategy for attacking and defense.    


Enjoy the games-1


Enjoy the games-2


The players of both teams took positions and goalkeepers reached the goals and finally, the whistle was blown by the referee. The game started with aggression by attacking both teams on each other. The ball moved from one side of the stadium to the other side of the stadium. In the first 10 minutes, both teams tried their best to score but they faced strong defense from the other side. The ball reached the left forward player (Mr. Rami) of Jiulonghu Warriors and he succeeded to score the first goal of the match. A short time later Mr. Hussain of Jiulonghu Warriors scored another goal. In this way, a few goals were scored in the first half.


Enjoy the games-3


In the second half, Sipailou United Team tried to play more aggressively and level the game. They took the ball many times to Jiulonghu goal side, but Jiulonghu Warriors continued scoring goals one after another. In 2nd half, Sipailou United Team scored 3 goals. Jiulonghu Warriors won the match by 16-3. The Sailor players congratulated Jiulonghu teams on their fabulous victory.


Enjoy the games-4


Goal Scorers





Jiulonghu Warriors



Jiulonghu Warriors



Jiulonghu Warriors



Jiulonghu Warriors



Sailor United Team



Sailor United Team



Let's see players' opinion about the game:


Hassan-Sipailou Captain: On behalf of my team, thank you to the Jiulonghu team for such a warm welcome to us. He also congratulated the Jiulonghu team for playing a good game. We play a good game today we enjoyed it a lot. I also thank CIS for organizing this wonderful tournament.


Yasir-Jiulonghu Captain: On this occasion, I am very happy that my team played very well, it was a team effort. Thank you to the Sipailou team for coming to our campus. It was a very nice game for both teams. I think all the players enjoyed the game.


Abdirazak from Djibouti: I am thankful to CIS for arranging this tournament on the occasion of the spring festival. I really enjoyed the games throughout the tournament. I hope CIS will arrange such tournaments in the future as well.


Kapembwa from Zambia: I am a medical student but I like to play football, I am very happy that we won the tournament.  


Jony from Turkmenistan: It was a nice game with the great guys. I feel happy that our team won the final match.


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