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1. How many campuses does Southeast University have?

Southeast University has 5 campuses.


2. Where is Southeast University?

Sailor Campus

No. 2, Sipai Building, Xuanwu District, Nanjing


Jiulong Lake Campus

No. 2, Southeast University Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing


Dingjiaqiao Campus

No. 87 Dingjiaqiao, Hunan Road, Gulou District, Nanjing


Wuxi branch

No. 5, Zhuangyuan Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City


Suzhou Campus

No. 399, Linquan Street, Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation Zone, Suzhou City


3. How to remit money?

(1) Domestic transfer bank account information (Domestic transfer, by CNY):

Name of payee: Southeast University

Account number: 3200 1594 1380 5912 3456

Name of the bank that opened the account: Nanjing Sipailou Sub-branch of China Construction Bank

Line Number: 104301003062


(2) Overseas remittance bank account information (transfer from abroad, by USD):

Name of the Payee Name of the Bank Account: Southeast University (Southeast University)

Bank Account No: 5040 5821 6351

Branch Name: Business Department, Bank of China Nanjing Xuanwu Sub-branch


ADDRESS: No. 16, Hongwu North Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China




4. What materials do I need to prepare when registering?

Receiving the acceptance letter and JW202/201 from the Overseas Education College of Southeast University means that you will be studying at Southeast University in Nanjing in the next few months or years. Please prepare the following materials when registering:

(1) Passport and X visa (original and photocopy)

Bring a valid passport, admission notice and JW202/201 to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country to apply for a visa

You must bring your original passport and X visa when registering;

If the student's parent works in a government department, the student must hold a special passport, official passport, W visa, etc. Please go to the embassy of your country to change your passport and visa;

It is illegal for foreign students without an X visa to stay in Southeast University or China;

However, some exchange students can hold F visas.

(2) Admission letter and JW form (original and photocopy)

(3) Bring another 10 passport-sized ID photos

(4) The highest degree certificate

(5) Insurance certificate (exchange students only): exchange students should ensure that they have purchased health insurance during their studies at Southeast University, and submit the original and photocopy of the relevant materials to the International Students Office when registering. Health insurance premiums for other foreign students should be included in tuition or scholarships.

(6) Download, fill in the Application For Registration of International Students,and send the form and electronic ID photo to


5. What should I pay attention to when registering?

(1) Prepare suitable clothing: Nanjing has four distinct seasons. The highest temperature in summer can reach 40 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature in winter can reach minus 15 degrees Celsius. Of course, if you don't want to carry heavy luggage, you can also buy it after arriving in Nanjing. If you live in the international student dormitory of Southeast University, we will prepare basic bedding for about 400 yuan/person;

(2) Learn to ride a bicycle: bicycles are still an indispensable means of transportation in China;

(3) Carry standing medicines and medical records with you;

(4) Prepare about 2,000 yuan in cash (transportation from the airport to the campus, deposit for renting a dormitory, living expenses for the first week, etc.);

(5) For myopia, please bring your own glasses.


6. What should I do if I cannot report to school on time?

Those who are unable to register as scheduled for some reason should explain the reason to the overseas education college in time and go through the leave formalities. Generally, the leave period should not exceed two weeks. Those who have not asked for leave or are overdue for two weeks will be disqualified for admission. Those who are unable to register on time due to special difficulties may submit a written application to the school in person, and the school's review and approval will retain the admission qualification for one year. International students who have been approved to retain their enrollment qualifications must apply to the school for resumption of school before the beginning of the next school year, and can only be registered after the school's review and approval; those who fail to apply for resumption of school will be deemed to have lost their enrollment qualifications.


7. Do I have to have a physical examination?

Freshmen are required to undergo a physical examination during the re-examination for admission. If it is found to have a disease, and the designated medical unit is diagnosed with short-term treatment that can meet the health standard, the qualification for admission can be retained for one year. International students who have retained their enrollment qualifications and wish to apply for resumption of school after recovering from illness should apply to the Academic Affairs Office of the Overseas Education College with a certificate from the public hospital of their country before the beginning of the next school year. After reviewing the medical institution designated by our school, they have met the medical examination standards. , Before going through the enrollment procedures; those who fail to pass the re-examination or fail to complete the enrollment procedures within the time limit will be disqualified.


8. Do I have to buy medical insurance?

International students must apply for medical insurance within the time specified by the school each academic year. If they have participated in medical insurance in their country, they must present relevant certificates, otherwise, they will not be admitted.


9. Can I change my major after enrolling?

International students can apply to transfer majors or schools under the following circumstances:

(1) International students who are found to have a certain special disease or physical defect after enrollment is certified by a hospital designated by the school to study in the original major, but can still study in the relevant major of the school or other institutions of higher learning.

(2) International students generally complete their studies at this school. If the students do have some special difficulties, they think that they cannot continue their studies without transferring or changing majors after the school research.

(3) Due to the transfer of interests and hobbies, international students cannot study normally in their original major after repeated education and guidance, but they do have expertise in other areas, and they can better develop their expertise and learning potential by transferring to another school or major.


10. What materials do I need to change a major?

(1) International students who want to change majors within the scope of this school must apply in writing and submit relevant certification materials to the Overseas Education Institute for approval.

(2) For transfers between colleges and universities in the province, the international student must apply in writing and submit relevant certification materials. The transfer procedures shall be completed after the transfer-out school is approved by the transfer-out school and the transfer-in school.

(3) For transfers with colleges and universities outside the province, the international student must apply in writing and submit relevant certification materials. After the transfer-out and transfer-in schools have been reviewed and approved, they shall be reported to the provincial education authority where the school is located to go through the transfer formalities.


11. Does the school provide an airport pick-up service?

Southeast University does not provide a pick-up service, so it is recommended to locate Southeast University on and print out the map for emergency needs.


12. How to reach the school?

(1) Book air tickets according to the registration time stated in the admission notice. It is recommended to take a direct flight to Nanjing Lukou International Airport, or first arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and then take the train to Nanjing (about 3 hours by car);

(2) After arriving in Nanjing, you can give the printed Chinese address of the International Student Office (registered place) of the Overseas Education College of Southeast University to the taxi driver and tell him the destination. The address is as follows:

No.90, Chengxian Street, Xuanwu District, Nanjing

Annex Building of Chengyuan Graduate Apartment, Southeast University

Office 302, Overseas Education College

Tel: 0086-25-83792797; 83793022

(3) If you take a plane to Nanjing, the taxi fare from Nanjing Lukou International Airport to the above-registered location is about 120 yuan; if you take a train, the taxi fare from Nanjing Railway Station to the registered location is about 30 yuan;

(4) You can also live in the dormitory first and then register at the International Students Office (working hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-11:30 in the morning, 2:00-5:30 in the afternoon);

Medical undergraduates, international trade students, art and economics students who are exempt from the one-year Chinese course will live and study on the Jiulonghu campus near Lukou International Airport, so they can first go to the Jiulonghu Campus of Southeast University, No. 93 Suyuan Avenue, Jiangning District, Nanjing Check-in at Orange Garden 7 (Tel: 0086-25-52090855), then go to the International Students Office to register during working hours;

Chinese language students, graduate students who need to take a one-year Chinese course, and architectural students will live and study on the Sipailou campus (Address: Chengyuan Graduate Apartment, No.90 Chengxian Street, Xuanwu District, Nanjing; Tel: 0086-25-83690895). For details of the dormitory, please call the above number;


If the arrival time is not working hours, it is recommended to check-in at the Liuyuan Hotel of Southeast University at the Sipailou campus (website:; about 300 yuan/day); the address of the hotel is Jinxianghe, Nanjing No. 28, Tel: 0086-25-83680666.


13. What is the registration process?

The first step is to arrive at the Overseas Education College of Southeast University.

The second step is to submit the passport and original JW201/202 form in the office of the Overseas Education College and fill in the registration form to apply for the campus card.

The third step is to arrange accommodation. There is a room for two people on campus, and off-campus accommodation needs to be applied. You must apply for a residence permit from the local police 24 hours after landing.

The fourth step is physical examination. Please go to Nanjing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Zhongjian Building, No. 1 Baixia Road, Nanjing.

The fifth step is to pay. Self-financed students must pay the tuition and accommodation fees (if you have already remitted the money, please go to the financial office to confirm, please bring the receipt), and then you can get the JW201/202 form. You must pay the fees for the next year before August each year to obtain a one-year visa, otherwise, you will not be able to obtain a residence permit. Students who withdraw must apply within one month of arrival.

The sixth step is to apply for a residence permit.

Materials: Passport and photocopy, recent stamped visa page, 2-inch white background recent photo, Jiangsu Entry-Exit Quarantine Bureau medical examination form, permit application form, JW201/202 yellow pages, permit certificate, temporary residence form, the fee (1- 400 yuan/year for 2 years, 1,000 yuan for 3-5 years)

Address of Public Security Organs: No. 173, Baixia Road, Nanjing City

The seventh step is to complete and start learning.


14. How much is the tuition for the Chinese language program in one year?



master's degree


liberal arts













General scholar

Senior Scholar

liberal arts












Short-term students: RMB1600 (2 weeks), 650/person, if additional weeks are needed, including material fees, etc.


15. What kind of scholarship can I apply for?

Outstanding Award for Self-financed Students of the Chinese Government

Undergraduate 18,000 RMB

Master Doctor 30,000 RMB

Application deadline: April 15


Nanjing Government Scholarship

Master and Ph.D. students: 20,000 RMB

Undergraduate students: 10,000 RMB

Non-degree students: 5,000 RMB

Application deadline: June 30


Southeast University Education Foundation Scholarship

All non-degree students

Partial scholarship

Application time: 3-4 months


Southeast University Single Scholarship

Reward students with outstanding performance in study or extracurricular activities

All degree students and non-degree students can apply


Southeast University President Scholarship (Undergraduate Medicine)

Top 20% of students in grade

Application deadline: June 15


16. How can I apply for the outstanding international student scholarship?

(1) Among the English-taught undergraduates, the results of the MBBS class from September 2019 to June 2020 must be in the top 20 of the class;

(2) Among Chinese-taught undergraduates, GPA≥2.0;

(3) The standardized score of master and doctoral applicants must be ≥75;

(4) CSC full scholarship, Jasmine full scholarship, and outstanding scholarship students are not allowed to apply;

(5) Give priority to students who have made outstanding contributions in anti-epidemic activities.


17. What materials do I need to submit to apply for the outstanding international student scholarship?

(1) "Provincial Outstanding Student Scholarship Application Form", filled out in Chinese or English.

(2) If you are a graduate student, a recommendation letter from your supervisor is required, indicating that you agree to the recommendation.

(3) Recommendation letter from the person in charge of the dormitory (if there are beds on campus).

(4) Lists and supporting documents of research and publication results, other learning results, awards and volunteer work undertaken within two years.


18. When will the cost of accommodation be paid?

Long-term students (whose study duration is over one semester) shall pay off one year's room fees within one month after check-in; short-term students (whose study duration is less than one semester) shall pay off room fees of the prescribed month within one week after check-in.


19. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit of RMB300 shall be paid before check-in and the deposit can be refunded provided that there is no dirt on the wall or the floor or the damage and loss of the property caused by the resident.


20. Can I hold a party in the dormitory?

A written application should be submitted to the College of International Students 3 days in advance for permission if a gathering involving more than 8 persons is to be held in the dormitory. 


21.Where to see a doctor?




Monday and Tuesday

9:00——11:30   14:00——16:30



9:00——11:30   14:00——16:30



9:00——11:30   14:00——16:30

Obstetrics and Gynecology

On Wednesday

9:00——11:30   14:00——16:30



9:00——11:30   14:00——16:30



9:00——11:30   14:00——16:30

Internal Medicine










Other hospitals in Nanjing

Zhongda Hospital: 87 Dingjiaqiao, Hunan Road

Drum Tower Hospital: No. 321, Zhongshan Road

Nanjing First Hospital: No. 68, Changle Road

Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Hospital: 116 Chengxian Street


22. What is the postal information?

Mailing address

Four Arch Building: Chengyuan Graduate Apartment, No.90 Chengxian Street, Nanjing, China Southeast University 210000

Jiulong Lake: Room XXX, Orange Garden Seventh House, Jiangning Campus, Southeast University, Nanjing, China 211189

Dingjiaqiao: 87 Dingjiaqiao, Nanjing, China Southeast University Dingjiaqiao Campus 210009


China Post EMS:

Jiulong Lake: South Gate Express

Four Arches: 51 Taiping North Road

Dingjiaqiao: No. 8 Shanxi Road

Phone 11185





Shentong Express:

025-68128899, 68520622


Other courier services

Sinoair Air

Civil Aviation Express

SF Express

Shentong Yuantong



23. Where to go shopping?

Major shopping supermarkets in Nanjing: Suguo Supermarket, Jinrunfa, Auchan, BHG (Beijing Hualian), etc.

Near Sipailou campus: Education Supermarket, Baijia Supermarket, Suguo Community Store, etc.

Jiulong Lake Campus: On-campus supermarkets, Jiangninghe Dingqiao Auchan Supermarket, Yinxiang China Resources Suguo, etc.


24. How to get to the station and airport?

Nanjing Railway Station: Metro Line 1

Nanjing South Railway Station: Metro Line 1 and Line 3

Nanjing Lukou International Airport:


25. How to go to another campus?

Metro Line 3, Floating Bridge Station (Four Pai Building)-East University Jiulong Lake Campus Station (Jiulong Lake)

Detailed information


26. Will there be any group activities after enrollment?

After enrollment, the overseas education college will organize a spring and autumn outing. Welcome to participate.


27. What festivals are there in China?

New Year's Day: 1.1-1.3

Spring Festival: the first day-seventh day of the first month of the lunar calendar, usually during the winter vacation

Lantern Festival: the fifteenth of the first lunar month, usually during winter vacation

Ching Ming Festival: 4.4-4.6

May 1st Labor Day: 5.1-5.3

Dragon Boat Festival: the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, usually there are 1-3 days holiday

Mid-Autumn Festival: the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, usually 3 days holiday

National Day: 10.1-10.7


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