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Hassan is surrounded by family and friendship


The school is now on winter vacation. Hassan, a Ph.D. freshman from Southeast University majoring in public health from Afghanistan, chose to stay in Nanjing for the Spring Festival.


What are your plans for celebrating the "Chinese New Year" in Nanjing alone?


"I'm not alone!" In interviews, Hassan has been emphasizing this point. Speaking of which, Hassan is an "old" overseas student. He went to China to study medicine in 2008 and returned to his hometown to work as a pediatrician after graduating with his undergraduate degree. "In 2018, my newly married wife also came to Dongda Medical College to study. She came to school the day after we got married." Hassan said with a smile, "We have long regarded China as our second hometown!"


"I used to have winter vacation and Spring Festival. I would invite Chinese friends to visit the Confucius Temple, watch movies, and sing KTV. It was very lively." Hassan said that this year I will respond to the call for epidemic prevention and control, and stay at school as the main focus. Time to read books, study and write essays.


He will not feel lonely this holiday. He plans to organize left-behind foreign students and classmates to sing and dance on the playground downstairs in the dormitory on New Year's Eve. The most popular shows are "Jasmine" and "Little Apple". The school also arranged a dumpling-making activity for the New Year. The teacher invited him to have a reunion dinner at home, and his classmates invited him to the park to play football... Before the festival, he also received the "New Year Red Packet" from the instructor, which was very touched: "I feel like I am School children, this is my home."


Speaking of the deepest feelings in 2020, Hassan said frankly that it is a "sense of security."


On the eve of the holiday last year, there was an epidemic, and he caught up with the defense of his master's thesis. Hassan was unable to accompany his pregnant wife back to China for delivery. "At that time, she needed to fly to and from several cities. I was very worried." He said that his wife was helped by disease control personnel, traffic police, and volunteers along the way. From assisting in customs clearance to providing catering and protective equipment, she did everything for her family. People are very moved.


"China has done a good job in epidemic prevention and control, putting people's lives and health first. I am also very proud as an international student!" Hassan told reporters that the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital took only 10 days, showing China’s speed has been improved; China’s economy will achieve positive growth in 2020, demonstrating strong economic strength; sharing the anti-epidemic experience with other countries without reservation, reflecting the responsibility of a major country; walking in the streets, people feel a safe sense.


In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, measures such as health codes, big data itinerary cards, and daily health declarations have all given Hassan more peace of mind. "I am a medical student and a student ambassador', so I use my professional expertise as a volunteer. Every day I measure the temperature of my classmates at the door of the dormitory, check the health codes of my classmates, and protect the health of my classmates."


In Hasan's view, China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative provides opportunities for the open development of countries and regions along the route and builds a new platform for international cooperation. "My home country, Afghanistan, is also a country along the Belt and Road'. During the epidemic prevention and control last year, China and Afghanistan looked after each other, raised and donated epidemic prevention materials, which demonstrated the determination and courage to fight the epidemic together." Hasan said his Ph.D. major direction is public health. I hope to become a doctor after graduation and contribute to international medical cooperation.


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