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You won't be alone in a foreign country


Junction News "In China for more than ten years, this should be the first winter vacation in school." Hassan, a doctoral student from the School of Public Health of Southeast University and from Afghanistan, told Xinhua Daily · Junction reporter that he was in Nantong in 2008. After completing his undergraduate studies at the university, he returned to his hometown to work as a pediatrician; in 2015, Hassan came to Nanjing to study for master's and doctoral degrees at Southeast University. This year is Hassan's first year of Ph.D., but it is also the most special year. "I used to go back to Afghanistan almost every winter and summer vacation, but this year because of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, and also out of safety considerations for myself and my relatives and friends, I decided to stay in school."


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Although the extraordinary 2020 is difficult, it also brought a big surprise to Hassan, who is about to turn 30. "My daughter was born 6 months ago. This is the most beautiful gift for me in 2020." In January last year, Hassan's wife returned to Afghanistan due to pregnancy. Shortly afterwards, the new crown pneumonia outbreak broke out, and his wife was just born. 'S daughter was unable to return to China for reunion. "I make video calls with my family through WeChat every day, and I feel relieved to see that my relatives far away are well.


Despite being thousands of miles away from his relatives, Hassan did not feel alone. When the Xinhua Daily Intersection reporter first contacted Hassan, he was meeting with several friends, and several men were discussing preparations for a dinner, and he was very busy. "In fact, after the winter vacation, the life of our students in school is not as boring as we imagined. On the contrary, every day is very interesting." Hassan said that during this time he will take time to study in the library, and he will be in the next semester. There is a lot of research work, so I can just write a paper. In addition, the school also organized many group activities, such as visiting the Jiangning Weaving Museum, making dumplings, etc. Everyone actively participated. The short winter vacation can be said to be "full of arrangements." Hassan also revealed a "grass" to reporters, "I heard that next week the school will hold dinner and singing and dancing activities for our students who are staying in school to celebrate the coming of the New Year. It will be a very beautiful evening."


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For the upcoming New Year, Hassan is full of expectations. Having been in China for many years, he has a good understanding of this most important festival in the hearts of Chinese people. "The Spring Festival is very similar to the Eid al-Fitr in our Muslim countries. Family and friends will go home to reunite, have reunion dinners, and the elders will give the juniors red envelopes and so on." Before the festival, Hassan also got the "New Year Red Envelopes" from his instructor. , The heavy blessing moved him very much.


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It is understood that more than 190 people from the Overseas College of Southeast University have chosen to stay for the New Year, which also adds to the warmth of the campus that was originally a little deserted due to the holiday. “Many of my students who stayed at school in the past few days have become campus volunteers, doing some work of checking body temperature and distributing things spontaneously. Although I am alone in China, I feel very warm.” I am studying for a master's degree in Chinese International Education. , Loria from Nigeria told reporters that since the epidemic, every time she talks with her family on the phone, she will tell them about China’s experience in fighting the epidemic, hoping that they can protect themselves in their hometowns far away. “In foreign countries, there are still many people who have not realized the seriousness of this epidemic, but from my experience in China for more than a year, I believe that fighting the epidemic is everyone’s responsibility, such as washing hands frequently, wearing masks, and Staying in school for the New Year is something we should do."


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