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Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship


Applicant qualifications

1. Citizens of foreign nationality, friendly to China and healthy.

2. Comply with the laws and regulations of the Chinese government, perform well, and meet the admission requirements of the applied school.

3. Applicants' academic qualifications and age requirements: applicants for undergraduates must graduate from high school and are generally under 28 years of age; applicants for master's degree candidates must have obtained a bachelor's degree, generally under the age of 35; applicants for doctoral candidates must be Have obtained a master's degree, generally under 40 years old

4. Foreigners who have obtained a bachelor's degree or equivalent academic qualifications and plan to study in relevant universities in our city or receive more than six months of non-academic education.

5. Correct learning attitude, no violation of school rules and regulations, and good grades.

6. Did not enjoy other Chinese government scholarships.

7. Appropriate Chinese proficiency should be provided, and relevant certificates such as HSK certificates, other Chinese learning, and examination certificates should be provided. Some majors that are directly taught in English can appropriately relax the conditions.


Application date

The annual application deadline is October 1st


Application process/channel:

Please send 2 copies of the application materials to the Admissions Office of the Overseas Education College of Southeast University and send them to



Required materials for application

1. "Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students" in duplicate, filled in Chinese or English

2. Notarized highest education/degree certificate. If the applicant is a student at school, a certificate of enrollment issued by the school must be submitted separately. Non-Chinese or English versions must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

3. Academic transcripts. Non-Chinese or English versions must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

4. Lai Ning study or research plan. Please write in Chinese or English.

5. Those who intend to study for a master's and doctoral degree must submit a recommendation letter written in Chinese or English by two professors or associate professors of the graduate school;

6. If the applicant has the corresponding Chinese proficiency, he must submit copies of relevant materials such as HSK certificate, other Chinese language learning, and examination certificates, etc.

7. Copy of passport.

8. Health certificate.

The application materials submitted by the applicant will not be returned.


Contact information of the receiving department

Admissions Office, Overseas Education College, Southeast University, China

Address: No. 90 Chengxian Street, Nanjing, China Post Code: 210096

Tel: 0086-25-83793022/ 83792797 Fax: 0086-25-83792737

E-mail: Website:


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