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From November 20 to December 18, 2020, the "Cloud" series of courses in the "Chinese Music Cultural Center" of Shanghai Conservatory of Music was successfully held.


During the epidemic, to further strengthen the promotion and exchanges of Chinese music culture, our school took advantage of the superior resources of the Musicology Department to launch a series of English courses "Chinese Classical Opera Music Art", with Zhang Xuan as the instructor.


There are more than 80 local students from the Norwegian National Conservatory of Music, the Geneva Conservatory of Music in Switzerland, and the Nanyang Academy of Arts in Singapore, as well as international students from Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, etc., to learn about Chinese music through the Internet.


This series of courses centered on "Sheng Dan Jing Chou-Opera Role", "Xi Opera Percussion", "Jingkun Art", "Local Opera Art Appreciation", cutting into themes from a historical inheritance.


Using Peking Opera percussion and gongs and drums as examples, and invited The live performances performed by artists inside and outside the school allowed foreign students watching online to experience the unique charm of Chinese opera.


In the last lecture, three different styles of local opera, Qin Opera, Henan Opera, and Yue Opera, were used to show foreign students the beauty Its beautiful local opera art.


The series of courses across regions and time differences. Through the teaching methods of course theory, video appreciation, performance imitation, and online interaction, the students of the "Chinese Music Culture Center" can appreciate the culture of Chinese opera without leaving home.


Exquisite, complete the journey of Chinese culture. The students actively participated, interacted online, the teacher responded in time and gave on-site explanations.


Professor Xavier Bouvier, the former vice president of the Geneva Conservatory of Music and the head of the Chinese music project, commented after listening to the course: "The content of the course is very vivid.


I personally appreciate a lot of traditional music culture and the knowledge of Chinese opera explained in the course. It is very necessary for the establishment of the "Chinese Music and Cultural Center" at the Geneva Conservatory of Music. We hope that the form of online teaching can be continued in the future."


The opening of this course is a useful attempt by the International Education Institute to respond to the epidemic and realize online international schooling through the Internet.


It is also a useful exploration for the "Chinese Music Culture Center" to continue to promote the "Chinese Culture Going Global" strategy under the new situation.


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